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  1. Just a quick update regarding that last alleged payment they have claimed i Made in March 2012 I have just got hold of my bank statements of that time and no such payments went from that account Its the only account I had at the time
  2. Yes I understand they can’t do much. Was just reading on a another forum that just by going to see them, under pap regulations they need give you time to try sort it out. Maybe I misunderstood. Thanx for your replies
  3. Hi all I have read somewhere that making an appointment at CAB Could possibly delay any court action. Is this a credible delay tactic?
  4. Not sure I understand Ford... are you saying not to send pap letter Ford. Are you saying a pap letter can stop the statute barred clock?? Please clarify
  5. Ok dx Hi Ford. Yes I responded with statute barred. But they are disputing that. Now I am responding with what DX has advised
  6. Well not a pap. Just court threat possibly. I replied with the pre action protocol letter similar to the one in your post
  7. There first pap was over two years ago Latest one is dated 16/11/17. I replied saying it statute barred. They passed that on to robinson who replied with the 9 March 2012 payment letter. Few days ago
  8. Will do dx thanx Do I do a cca request and add to to it all the points you have made on post 6 on the same letter?? Its ok. Ignore this post. I see where to put it Cheers Hi slick You mentioned some delaying tactics. Can you possibly give some examples please. Cheers
  9. Ha I know know. I don’t. Did it bcos I found it funny. But like I said there was some excellent knowledgeable people there too who did things properly....along with nutters The letter I sent was exactly the post 6 you have made.. But I will follow your advice. Thankyou
  10. Thanx dx. I had a look. It’s similar to the original cca request I sent two years ago after receiving the first court threat. It was was drafted by an excellent person known as [removed] . It contained all the info you have listed in your pap post. But they did not respond to all of it. I got Just incomplete statements and the signed agreement. As I recall [removed] said if they do not respond to all points I can apply for a STAY if they commence proceedings Some further info iv managed to find Default sent on 5 may 2010 Default registered jam 2011 Final payment made March 2012 Debt passed on by Bc on April 2013
  11. Sorry. What is pap letter guidance and where do I find it. Can you link it please
  12. Yes I know slick. Was just thinking to ask them to provide proof of that payment as some of the statute barred letters on here state.. Just tie them up a bit and keep them busy with a delaying tactic Something like this.... Please provide proof of the alleged payment under section 5 of the limitations act Please be aware Consumer credit source book states a firm must not ignore ore disregard a customers claim that a debt has been settled or disputed and must not continue to make demands without providing clear justification/ evidence as to why the customers claim is not valid
  13. Hi slick. Thanx.. will do Do you have Anymore delaying tactics just in case this doesn’t work? Im thinking to send Cca h Cohen but get robinson working too since they just me that letter about the 2012 payment. Thinking to send them statute barred letter I found on here asking them to provide explicit evidence of that payment. Good idea or not?
  14. Hi slick I definitely sent one to Robinson. It was requested by me on 16/12/15. But bcos of all the mess with the £1 fee. They sent the info one and half years later on 26/07/17 . Statements they sent didn’t include the final payment I made on March 2012 hence why I thought it was statute barred. They still haven’t sent evidence of this payment. But I did call barclaycard who have confirmed it. A bit unsure if I sent one to Howard Cohen at the same time
  15. Well you say for the sake of a pound... the last time I did that with these idiots it caused a huge heap of trouble. The idiots added the pound to the debt. Took months of letter writing to get it sorted But will do today..... but won’t they just say... you have done that once already???? I mean. Are the obliged to send out another cca request when they have done one already ?
  16. To be honest. Cant remember. Was a couple of years ago. Robinson threatened court action a couple of years ago. And I sent off a cca request. Cant remember who I sent to. Why?
  17. Sooo?? What’s my next course of action??? Anybody?????
  18. thanx Ford Dx hasn’t said anything about the prescribed terms What I get from Dx’s post is that it’s the standard things they send out and they could take me to court but they won’t win so I’m not sure if he is saying that it is NOT in the prescribed way
  19. Ha ok Dx. Its an old address so its ok So do they have the cca in order. Is it in the prescribed form to allow them to take me to court So what do I do now... just wait out the next month or so to see if they take me to court??
  20. Ha ok. Took its time. I thought you guys could see them Ford I did say photocopy of original..but are you saying they must show original? Im sure I read somewhere that some court case rendered that incorrect
  21. Hi Ford. This is all I have from them. No original just that photocopied version I don’t know what prescribed forms consists of...thats why I Posted the pics to see if more knowledgeable people can have a look to see if they are in the pesvribed form Cheers Any advice to what the reply to them should be? Or do I not have a case? They seem to have their paperwork in order CCA return .pdf
  22. The first four are directly from barclaycard...i know you can see my postcode but its ok..its a previous address Postmn.....i dont think they need an original CCA return .pdf
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