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  1. hi spoke to the gym they were as disgusted as i was with the letter. they've spoken to harlands & i now have a letter from them confirming that no further action will be taken. turns out they've only recently taken them on & it doesn't look like they were aware of the reputation beforehand. i've pointed them in the direction of the many posts on here to help give them an idea of what they've let themselves in for! thank you for all the advice
  2. its just a little scary - never been in debt in my life and to receive such a strongly worded email knocked me off my feet. im going back to the gym tomorrow as my children have swimming lessons there and im going to show them the kind of company they are dealing with. do you think it matters that my membership is still showing as active?? this is also something im going to sort out at the gym tomorrow many thanks for your speedy response - panic and fear had set in straight away!!
  3. hello. im just wanting a bit of advice please. august 2016 i entered a 12 month gym contract - in october 2017 i went in to my gym and asked to cancel my membership. the receptionist took my details but it now seems she failed to cancel my contract. she did inform me to keep my direct debit open for one month, which i did, for any last payments to be obtained. on the 1st of november a gym membership amount of £24.50 left my account and therefore i cancelled my direct debit. i believed this to all be sorted. i have had no contact from anyone in december or january - they have my mobi
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