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  1. Thank you. for all your advice i honestly appreciate it. keep doing what you do.
  2. ok. shouting is not my intention i am only emphasising my point. Anyway any further advice about this letter, will be much appreciated
  3. loool hahaa thanks thank you all so much you truly made my situation better and i solemnly swear that i will ever commit a wrong full act such as shoplifting again but i want to share the letter that they gave me when the incident took place . read carefully (see in attachments) thank you i have learned my lesson TRUST ME RLP Handout.pdf
  4. I swear he said " you will be issued with a fine of £100 or less" he even issued me with a letter of what is going to take place.
  5. thank you so much for your advice i am only young and made a stupid mistake of shoplifting which i never did before i am sacred i will receive multiple letters after that and I dont want my parents to become stressed over my actions.
  6. unfortunately the security guard did he physically told me he would let me go cause he took my ID but i would get a fine within 3-4 weeks
  7. i am going through a similar situation made a dumb mistake of shoplifting and i got caught the let me off but took my details police were not involve. did you pay your fine and what happen after that. PLEASE HELP I AM SACRED I AM ONLY 16
  8. i am going the same situation but i shoplifted eyelashes and a body spray that cost less than 10 pounds and they say i will recieve a fine of 100 pounds or more. but if i ignore it they, may continue to send letters.
  9. I am a 16 year old who unfortunately made the wrong decision of my life a few days ago and I need everyone's advice . On the 31 of January 2018 I was caught sneaking two items into my bag on Wednesday that has not been paid for I was about to leave I was called the security and they were shouting and being rude told me to fill out a form which I did. I stayed respectful and remorseful the whole process they continued to be rude they called my mother and took my details BUT DID NOT INVOLVE THE POLICE said I will receive a small fine Reading others p
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