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  1. so there will be nothing that can be done and no point in appealing the penalty
  2. That the fine to unclamp the vehicle was paid promptly and also no other information was given about out of court settlement fine.
  3. I have attached a jpeg of the letter. DVLA.pdf
  4. So would you advice that i should pay settlement costs.
  5. After owning the same car for over 20years I found myself needing to replace it. I purchased a car last year (August 17) which was £0 tax. All the relevant paperwork was sent off and i received the new keeper registration document. What I didn't realise is that i needed to register my car online. In November 17 my vehicle was clamped for being untaxed. I was totally shocked and couldn't understand why this was as i did not have to pay tax on it. My mistake. I paid the fine of £100 to get it unclamped after registering the car. I thought that was it. However, I have now received a letter to say that must pay out an out of court settlement of £30.00 to stop DVLA taking me to court! I dont understand how that can be if i have paid the fine and corrected my mistake. I was not told that i would be charged an additional £30 2 months later! Surely, this money making and cannot be legal Does anyone else experienced this? please advise. Do I pay the £30 fine
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