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  1. Sorry to be cheeky but do you have a link? I did do a search for VCS JLA on his blog (top left search box) but only found one item entitled "How much does John Lennon Airport make from outsourcing parking?" Many thanks for all your help.
  2. Question: I basically admitted to them that I was the driver when I initially made an appeal, would they not just use this confession?
  3. Hey thanks, I saw and downloaded this document but VCS never mentioned bye-law in their paperwork so I was wondering why it was relevant: Now I know ^^ When I say "this document" I refer to the one you linked to DragonFly1967 and not the one I attached defense.pdf
  4. Hi fella, What do you mean by this? Sorry if I'm being a bit dim but I'm trying to write up my defence and don't quite follow you
  5. So they've paid the £25 fee and today they've sent me their evidence .. all almost 100 pages of it! So, now I'm writing my defence .. any suggestions? indexBundle.pdf
  6. Thanks for your words of encouragement .. I'm thinking yikes because I'm a little terrified of standing in front of a judge without having your brains and knowledge inside my head Is that how you read it ericsbrother? I simply read it as they hadn't yet paid the trial fee of £25 and they need to either pay it or submit an application for help with the fees or as the letter reminded them their claim would be struck out. So, regarding the witness statement .. is there a template for this or should I write it in my own words?
  7. I got my Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track and my date for court .. yikes!! vcsCourtDate.pdf
  8. Last contact I had from MCOL was on the 10/03/18 saying that it had been transferred to the County Court Hearing Centre for allocation. They want it in Sheffield and obviously I've asked for it my local town.
  9. Hopefully this new version is OK When should I be submitting my Witness Statement? Do you know if I will get a letter asking for it? Thanks directionsQuestionnaire-1.pdf
  10. OK great, thanks for the reply. I sent my DQ in around 3 weeks ago
  11. I've been away for a week and come back to a Notice of Transfer from the court and the Directions Questionnaire from VCS. Doesn't look like they're giving up .. how is this likely to go from here? transferProceedings.pdf directionsQuestionnaire-1.pdf
  12. Hey guys, so I've just received a Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track. Do you think I should agree to this process or reject it? I don't see any harm in it but I'm no expert, I'm not sure how mediation would be of any use though .. confused
  13. That was the response from CCBC@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk Disgruntled2007 Thanks Andy, I'll make sure it's submitted today.
  14. Hi, I emailed them the other day and I got this back: Please be advised that you have 28 days from the date of service (1 February 2018) to file your defence. Do you still think I should send the defense today?
  15. Hi guys, I filed my Acknowledgement of Service on 2nd Feb, 28 days from then is the Friday 2nd March .. a week away. I want to get prepared to send my defence, is there a template I need to follow as before with the CPR31.14? If I have to send it to the claimant it'll be by post so should I post it around the 26/27 Feb? Thanks for you help
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