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  1. I rang them we both agreed to wait for the judgment of the court. no ccj would be entered
  2. Payment date is tomorrow 28th January 2020 I will ring and inform them tomorrow morning thanks for the advice
  3. Sorry yes the tomlin order but should I wait for the judge’s decision or start paying Lowell because I really don’t want to get a ccj
  4. i rang the court and they said the tomlin order was received on the 9th january 2020 but not presented to the judge . because neither party attended on the 13th january 2020 the claim was struck out . and that the claim on 23rd jan 2020 has been sent back to the judge awaiting their decision. the thing is do i start paying them or do i wait ?
  5. Hi there I just needed to know from these letters which i have uploaded can lowell enforce a signed tomlin order for repayment of dept at a later date even after a claim has been struck out at court? i did ring the court and they said you cant enforce a tomlin order unless it is backed up with a claim. but i am going ring them again on monday morning just to be sure. thanks for any advice giving. convert.pdf
  6. Yes I did they basically said the same thing it would have to be up to the judge to decide and in most cases it’s not worth the courts time so I guess we won
  7. Is it possible for Lowell to make a fresh claim on this dept
  8. Hi There I agreed a tomlin order with Lowell about 2weeks ago. but I have just a letter from court stating due to both parties not showing up claim Is struck out
  9. got tomlin order for £900 tried my hardest to get £500 taken off but they wouldn’t budge . thanks for all the advice dx
  10. Ok I am going to settle & take the tomlin order what advice can you give ? and do you think it is possible to negotiate paying a lesser amount?
  11. Here is the List of payments verified by my bank statement 3 Aug 2015 £ 72.50 12 Sep 2015 70.00 7 Oct 2015 60.00 15 Dec 2015 120.00 2 Dec 2016 80.00 22 Dec 2016 178.00 4 Feb 2017 100.00 20 Apr 2017 90.00 7 June 2017 140.00 I can upload these tonight if you wish I suspect vf are not being clear with how they billed me I know this is looks
  12. Dx I was on A 24 month contract unlimited mins & texts 10g data there is no way I can run up £900 bill they sent photocopies of these bills
  13. This was before July 2017 I am saying after this date it was suspended they have me for early termination airtime charges.
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