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  1. quick update, from my understanding of Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment No. 5) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003 holding your mobile phone in your hand does not constitute the interactive communication function that this lawa is based on see folowing "interactive communication function" includes the following - (i) sending or receiving oral or written messages, (ii) sending or receiving facsimile documents, (iii) sending or receiving still or moving images, and (iv) providing access to the internet; (d) "two-way radio" means any wirele
  2. appreciate all the advice there people, it was always worth a try i suppose,
  3. hi hope sombody can help me out here. whilst driving the other night somebody called me on my mobile, now before you start to say i got what i deserve stop! lol i never use my phone whilst driving but i do have a look to see who it is that is calling. now as i picked the phone up the light was on from it ringing, unknown to me i was being followed by anunmarked police car. they pulled me over and gave me a ticket for a £60 fine and to produce my documents. however this is the interesting part, they have put my name as "trevor" instead of clifford is there any legality where i can
  4. hey guys i hope you can helpme here. i currently have my mortgage with ge money, due to a poor credit history i paying £886 on an interest only mortgage of £130,000. a few months ago my wife had to go on maternity leave due to ouy baby son being born, due to that we are a few hundred pound each monthout of ppockt, untill she goes back to work in may. im in arrears with ge oney for £1500, and although i have offerd them an extra £50 ontop of my mortgage towards the arrears they say its not aceptable, and wont setup a paypant plan unless im paying at lest £100 a month extra. i have ask
  5. can anyone help? my friends girlfriend contacted vodafone and asked for a list of calls that had been made from his phone as well as text messages, she does have a second phone on the account but it is ultimatly in his name, apparently they were more than happy to be able to help. she gave them some yarn about him working away and nobody has managed to get hold him. as a result of this he is now in a lot A LOT of trouble with his girlfriend (hee-hee) shouldnt laugh realy. can vodafone release this info to her?
  6. hakka hi i work for national grid so can find out this info for you with out anybody being notified if you would like to pls message me with your house number and postcode, it would make a nice change for me to be able to help somebody on here and return the favour. if anybody else has any problems with gas and electric meter exchanges then i would be happy to help out where possible,
  7. in my experience GReasy palm do nothing but rip you off. ive been waiting over 6 months now for a cashback of £65 for taking out my barclay insurance, the only excuse i get is they are having trouble tracking my cashback. i have provided them with all info possible and they can tell from my click history that i visited teh barclay site through their own link, and still n joy. sorry to grumble but i reckon if you are reccomending someone for somethign then they deserve to know the bad bits as well.
  8. hey guys. today i finaly decided enough was enough and i was going to try and get my money back, ive been looking at doing this for about 6 months or so now but always thought "nah, it wont work that sort of thing wont go right for me" i finaly decided to let one of these companys do it for me, i know they take a small pecentage of it, but hey i know its going to be done properly, and its just a small percentage of something i wouldnt of had if i didnt decide to do it, with a baby on the way and a new house to pay for im keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that they manage to get my mo
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