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  1. Hi all, Firstly, I hope I have posted in the correct place. Any help on this would be very much appreciated. So I rented a room in the landlords home as a lodger and paid a sum of £600 as a deposit. On leaving the house the landlord stopped returning my calls, answering my texts etc in regards getting the deposit back. For about every 10 messages I got like 1 response saying "I'll call you later" etc, but never called. This has been ongoing for about a year now, and during the course of the year the landlord admitted they owed me the money and sometimes offered to pay but nev
  2. Hello all. I submitted a claim using MCOL a few weeks ago for a Deposit I gave to a Landlord (LL) when I lodged with them for 6 months, a total of £600. I am claiming that amount, including interest and court fees totalling just over £700. I took all reasonable steps to get the deposit back but the LL started blanking me and made promises to pay but never did. I started the MCOL process and they submitted an acknowledgment of service, stating they are going to defend the entire claim. Fair enough, thats their right. However herein the problem lies. I had b
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