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  1. lt was to replace my old oven, built in and no problems with the old one. This happened on first use. The Currys electrician said it should be tested to see what was wrong with it. lt was Currys Logik make. But going on how they are treating us at the moment, l doubt if they will bother in case it affects sales
  2. Hi, Sorry but its quite a long story. My electrician purchased and collected an oven from currys, and fitted it. He gave us the paperwork. The first time l used it the glass oven exploded, showering glass as far as the hall. After many hours on the phone to the manager of the store, it was agreed that he would send another one, as l would not have the same one again, l paid an extra £40 for another one. He also said when it was delivered they would disconnect the broken one, and perhaps put the new one in for a cup of tea. Oven was delivered and they could not disconnect the broken one as they were not allowed to. After a few more hours on the phone they arranged for an engineer to come and take broken one away and plug the new oven in. l opened a customer service case the day after it exploded (2 weeks ago). They have finally replied saying the contract is with the electrician, and will not speak to us. l cant understand why we were allowed to sort a replacement out and pay another £40, and have it delivered to us, when they are now unwilling to talk to us. l have reported it to trading standards as would not like it to happen to someone else. l was lucky that there was nobody in harms way when it happened. l has an onion which ended up with a piece of glass sticking into it. l would be grateful of any advice please. Thanks
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