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  1. It looks like an internet application apparently and he did worse dodgy things. Can someone advise me on the paperwork that I had previously uploaded from lowlife. In your experience does it look genuine and how I can fight this?
  2. Yes lots of £12 fees put on before it defaulted. No the agreement had no signature on just my typed in name. In my original defence i said about the paperwork but didn't put in about it maybe my ex husband who took it out. Mediator said i would need to change my defence before going to court. Correct without the fees it would be.
  3. Debt value is £301 pre court order and £406 with court fees. The actual fees that the original creditor put on amounted to £204. They wouldn't consider less than £300 as they felt they had a strong case. No mention of tomlin order. What is that? I said as i didnt think it was my debt the mediator was adding in without liability. Not got an email from them yet.
  4. The offer is £300 paying £10 a month. Mediation will send an email and if i agree then they will send the agreement through. I have 48hrs to respond. I dont know what to do.
  5. Offer from them to pay instalments over a period if time. They wouldn't budge on it as they say their claim is strong with all the paperwork.
  6. I did say about the paperwork. They claim they have all the papers correct. Some i could of done myself in word. It would depend on the judge on the day in court. I have previously posted the paperwork on here and wanted advice on them if they are true papers. I am not fully experienced on this and what to do. Just wanted some help. The offer is on the table fir 48hrs.
  7. Help for advice. Just had 1st call for mediation. Lowlife are saying my defence is an internet copy and their papers sent to me are enough. I claimed it maybe my ex who got the card but this is not in my defence. Mediator has gone back to Lowlife Re an offer. The paperwork could be redacted papers and depends on the judge on the day. What is my best move?
  8. Thanks. What's the likelihood of them accepting an offer at this stage? There is £204 of fees added in total. Can this be taken onto consideration. I can't see mediation working tomorrow.
  9. Hi. Help! Got my mediation call this Thurs morning. I have been trying to find what is my best options by looking at other threads. As it appears that most other threads I have read don't seem to have the paperwork what Is my best line to take. I have received some paperwork albeit an unsigned almost inelligble document and others on non headed paper that could of been made up anywhere. Paperwork has previously been uploaded on here. I'm not sure what I need to say (apart from offering to pay which I don't think is my best option), don't want to a
  10. Just completed the N180 and sending to the court and a copy to the solicitors with signatures/contact details blocked out. Just wondered do I send it to the PO Box No for them as on the letters or the head office. Also, is it best to send as signed for to the solicitors. Just in case. Thanks for the support
  11. Hi Just a quick update. Letter from the courts dated 16th July formally acknowledging receipt of my defence and that a copy is being served on the claimant. Advising claimant may contact me direct to attempt to resolve the dispute. Today received a letter from Lowells with a copy of their directions questionnaire agreeing to mediation (N180) and advising they have sent these through to the court. Haven't seen anything from the court direct. Should I have received some other paperwork from the court too? Is it best to agree to mediation and what do
  12. Well that's my defence filed and showing as received. What happens next? I have now got my credit report back from Experian. Is there anything I need to be doing?
  13. Thanks Guys. Just want to clarify so the above is Ok to use as my defence and I can just copy it to the online system? What will happen next?
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