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  1. Hi Thanks. Yes the link is working for me. I sent the PAP this morning before I saw this response so will wait and see what happens. Something is a bit strange that they send out another PAP for whatever reason. Will be back when/if I hear back.
  2. Ok. I will do that to cross check the dates. In the meantime should i respond to the 2nd PAP? I dont want them doing a backdoor CCJ because i didnt respond. You said it cost them dearly. Why is that. R they made up DNs
  3. Yes it looks just like that. No proper address on for Capital 1.
  4. 1st letter says default notification under s87(1)& asks for overdue amount within 28 days. If not received then account will be fermented. 1st letter also Says should include OFT info sheet. No idea if it did as not seen original. 2nd letter informing account fermented. Unsure if these are original letters or been made up by Lowell.
  5. Letter dated 15/8/13 was a notification of default quoting s87(1) CCA. Then a letter dated 17/9/13 saying account had been fermented. Both had my address on, ref & amount due. Their address was just one line being a PO Box No with a 08 tel No. Both looked like photocopies and came from lowell solicitors from 1st PAP i sent back i Jan 19. Am i right in thinking it wont be SB till Sept? I dont seem to have access to the library on here to access the forum letters.
  6. Thank you. So i will send their PAP form back requesting the agreement. I need to do this tomorrow as the 30 days is up on Monday.
  7. Can you post a link to the SB letter as i dont seem to be able to access it. So i dont need to complete the PAP form they sent me. I just send this back un completed with a SB letter. Have i got this right? Just concerned as the default letter they sent me was dated 17 sept 2013 so it will be due to be SB sept 2019. Just want to make sure im doing it correctly. Thanks.
  8. hi Thanks for highlighting post #25 & #26 which I have now deleted. I did originally send a S78 to Lowell with a £1 PO but they never responded. The DN came from Lowell Solicitors and it looked like a copy of an original from Cap 1 but who knows. I will send another S78 to Lowell and a GDPR to Cap1. Also will send the PAP back to Lowell Solicitors and see what comes back. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi Thank you for the advice. I was actually sending it tomorrow ( waited for the latest I could before the 30 days). I was just going to complete the PAP again same as I did before disputing the debt. They did send a copy of the agreement, DN , notice of assignment and a list of payments back in Jan 19 when I sent in the 1st PAP. I left it to see if they would start court proceedings and then 6th April they sent me another PAP. The DN letter was dated 17/9/13 so if I am right in thinking it should be SB on 18/9/19 so not long to go. Its a bit weird that they sent another PAP. Just fingers crossed it will take them a bit longer and like you say could be SB.
  10. with regards to #post30 I don't know to respond. Going of their last letter I have 30 days to reply otherwise they will proceed with court proceedings. On their original PAP they did respond and send the requested docs back that I listed in the PAP as advised. I waited to see if they would go ahead with issuing court docs as advised. If I complete the 2nd PAP what will they do? Do I get in contact and let them know I have already completed one and they have already sent the docs to me. Will that not just give them the green light to go ahead and issue court papers anyway? I cant find clarification if it is legally statute barred as some go off the last payment date and others from the default letter date.
  11. So can I send the statue barred letter as last payment was 23rd April 2013. Does this make the legal statue barred date 23rd April 2019 or does it go from the official default letter from Capital 1 dated 17th Sept 2013 when they advised I had defaulted. I cant open your stat barred letter on here as it says I don't have permission. What is the best thing to do send a stat barred letter or start the PAP process again?
  12. Yes already sent back once and they did send me some paperwork back that I previously posted on here. I never responded and it went back to Lowell Portfolio who kept sending me letters which I ignored. They then sent it back to Lowell solicitors. Lowell have now sent me another PAP to complete. Should I just complete another PAP they have sent? It seems weird. Maybe they have forgotten Ha ha
  13. Hi After not responding to their last communication back in Jan 19 the debt was transferred back to Lowell Portfolio who started to send me debt chasing letters. They then sent it back across to Lowell Solicitors who have now sent me out a letter of claim with the pre-action protocol form to complete again giving me 30 days. Is the debt statue barred yet as last payment was 23rd Apr 2013? Please can I ask what to do now. Do I fill in the PAP form again requesting the account paperwork again? Lowell Cap One 060419.pdf
  14. Was thinking of an SB letter but am not sure. Yep I did ask for advice and would like some on what to do next with the response/papers that Lowell Solicitors sent me. Do I just go ahead and pay somehow..... Can anyone give me some advice please
  15. Thanks dx100. yes my thoughts were it should be SB'd May this year. I cant access the library on here to use the letters and no response from admin how to register. What do you think. Do I just wait now and see what happens after 30 days or set up a payment arrangement. I cant find out the right advice what to do.....
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