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  1. Thanks, aye did feel they were giving me the brush off today. Was handed a leaflet re consumer rights and extended guarantee told they couldn't enter into further conversation, was to phone customer services who were absolutely no help as he just said hadn't taken out their 6 year extended guarantee and the manufacturers had just expired. So absolutely nothing further they can do. Guest an email to CEO is only option then . . .
  2. Purchased a 'Pioneer XCM86D' Network music player/streamer. After 2 months noticed the sound cut off, but as it came back on didn't think anything of it. This got worse and more frequent as time went on until it happened most the time. Took it back to shop , but only realised after looking out receipt that the manufacturers 1 year warranty had expired by 1 week. Shop offered to repair, however after a couple of weeks unit was returned, told it was not feasible to repair as would be too expensive. Received back today told nothing else they can do. left with it
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