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  1. Hi J English, Are you referring to the map that they include in the copy of the supposed lease agreement? Is there any way you can post the document up so i can see? T
  2. yes i was expecting the cheque to come from Excel. Although BW Legal letters kept referring to out "account" with them as though they had taken over our supposed "debt" so maybe Excel have already received their expected costs from BW?
  3. Well we received a cheque from BW last Friday, paid from their office account - I wonder if they get paid by Excel on a no win - no fee basis! I was expecting to have to send them a reminder. Discontinuation notice from the court also received. In response to the "Legal Team of the Year" award, i might nominate myself next year. In all seriousness the professional standards are shocking - I can't believe they are allowed to practice and refer to themselves as solicitors! Would a Complaint to the SRA come to anything? Are they interested in companies like th
  4. Righto Andy - i meant won as in successfully defended the case, as opposed to lost -to a lay person, its a win. You clearly have a lot of knowledge in this area which is massively helpful to people like me who don't, but please be aware that sometimes when experts make little posts like this - they can come across as a little pedantic and possibly put people off asking for your help! I'm sure you're right, but in the hours of research I did I have come across cases where the judges attitude clearly seems to have been influenced by other cases that they were unaware of until raised by defe
  5. Hi yes I will happily, just don't have the details to hand but will post them up when get five minutes when home. Wasn't sure whether you can get a written copy of the judgement or whether there is just a transcript of the tape recorded court session?
  6. The judge made comments about considering whether we should take the issue further regarding them bringing the case to court when they know they have failed to win in the past and also giving incomplete/ incorrect info. I thought probably not a good idea to start accusing them of lying or being purposefully dishonest in regards to the submissions they made. Any thoughts on this - where would it be appropriate to take this and what would prospect be of any changes occurring as a result?
  7. Hi, Ive just won a case regarding a PCN in this car park a few days ago - ive posted a bit about the judgement and how the judge came to those decisions on the thread i started - might be of some use for your case https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?484531-Excel-BW-Claimform-PCN-14-12-2016-Cavendish-Retail-Park-Keighley
  8. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?484531-Excel-BW-Claimform-PCN-14-12-2016-Cavendish-Retail-Park-Keighley
  9. Hi All, Thought I would give an update and brief outline of how my case went in Court – hopefully might be of benefit and reassurance to other people who are being taken to court by Excel/ BW. I can see a couple of other cases relating to this car park and would be willing to share relevant photos and the witness statement they sent to me. Court date was 18th July case was heard by DJ Wright. The representative sent by BW Legal was a Miss Kayani. She introduced herself and asked if we wanted to go and have a discussion in a private room, I politely declined, this threw
  10. Hello all, Just received a letter from the County Court to say court date has been adjourned. When I rang to ask if there was any specific reason the woman was initially a bit shirty with me as it is technically my husband's case. I explained that I will be acting as his Lay representative and that I am dealing with it for him. She asked whether I had written to the judge and informed them or requested permission. I said I hadn't as this was not mentioned in any of the info we have received and that I understood that the point of the small claims court was that people di
  11. Ok, I just wondered because on a previous forum thread, the defendant had had a letter also offering to drop the claim for a reduced payment and was given this advice: does the letter say "without prejudice"? Even if it does you can use it against them as they are too late for such communications not to be considered as evidential. take it with you to show that the claimant clearly acknowledges that their claim is for a ficticious amount So I wondered whether I could use it to demonstrate that the amounts they are claiming are not reasonable?
  12. Please could someone help me to clarify; Regarding the letter I received headed without prejudice offering for me to settle for a lesser amount - can I use this at this point as evidence that their claim is for a fictitious amount or does this make it inadmissible? Thanks everyone T
  13. Hi, Sorry Kaffee, ive not been able to reply to your message as ive not made enough posts on the site but if your offer still stands that would be incredibly helpful, given that you have won your case for the same carpark. Presumably many points of your defence will be relevant to mine also. Would be really interested to know what points the judge found in your favour. Thanks T
  14. No they seem to be intended to push us into paying up before we get to court. I think the letter which included the photos etc must be a poor attempt to reply to my CPR request, however this is not stated and does not include what I asked specifically for. It merely states that they are setting out their clients position and provding background, it does not state that it is a witness statement. The documents they have included are meaningless as the photos and sign pictures lack context or any direct link to what they are trying to claim. The without prejudice letter is ag
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