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  1. Are there pros and cons for me of consenting or not, or will the outcome be the same regardless?
  2. The judge told us that we had exactly a month (it was the 7th and he said the 7th of next month) to exchange evidence and submit it to the court. He didn't give us a new hearing date then and there though, that came on a separate letter. But their solicitor still did nothing for three months and let the court date pass, which seems to me like their solicitor is either useless or willingly wants to cost me money!
  3. Hey folks, I took a small business to court because I believe there's strong evidence that their work damaged my car. At the initial hearing the court hadn't issued the letter telling us we needed to exchange evidence, so we were dismissed with a date to exchange evidence by (within a month) and told to return another day on a date set by a letter that would be sent out. That hearing cost me nothing because I was in a two week holiday. I receive a letter with the new hearing date on after a few weeks. Some time goes by and that month deadline for evidence arrives. I receive an email from their solicitor (I'm acting for myself) to request a one week extension, which I grant. A week later, on the deadline, I receive an email copy of the evidence. Hearing date arrives and they're a no-show at court. Neither them nor their solicitor arrive. I'm taken into the room half hour late, during which I offer to call the other party to ask where they are - the judge tells me it's their own responsibility to be there. He decides not to take oral evidence but makes judgement based on both written statements. I win. Almost a month goes by when the letter arrives that I've won and how much I'm owed. Two days later I get an email from their solicitor - they never got the letter with the court date on it. They want me to set aside judgement, presumably so we can go to court again. Now, I have several issues with this. Firstly, I'm self employed so my business lost a full day of income at that second hearing. A third hearing will cost me another full day. I can't claim anything for it as there's no evidence I lose personally - my business does. Secondly, there was a week shy of three months gap between that first and second hearing. Surely any solicitor would enquire after a month of the first hearing when the second one is going to be? Why would you wait three whole months when the second hearing is obviously going to have taken place? I don't mind that they want to face me in court. I mind they didn't turn up in the first place. Another day in court means my business income loss would equate to 39% of my claim, which I feel is getting a bit excessive. So before I say no or yes - what should I do?
  4. How long do they have to reply to my appeal? Their auto response said they may take up to 35 days to write a reply, but it's been 42 now...
  5. Thanks - I decided to appeal regardless. In a separate matter, since I'm a web accessibility specialist by day, I informed them how there were multiple issues with their website which are in breach of the 2010 Equality Act and leave them open to prosecution. I'm nice like that.
  6. Hello folks, Infringement date: 11/01/2018 NTK date: 22/01/2018 Received: 25/01/2018 Schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 is mentioned Number plate photos were included I have not yet appealed Euro Car Parks are the company (BPA member) Vehicle was located in Bishops Centre, Taplow Was in Frankie & Benny's too long. Entered the car park at 18:50:40 and time on my receipt is 20:53:26, but we stayed chatting until close to F&B's closing time (11pm). Exit time was 22:59:16. Therefore I should have left at 21:50 and overstayed my welcome by 1hr 9mins. Most other outlets on site close at 10pm - the car park was practically empty. I do not think £75 for 1hr 9mins parking from 9:50pm is justifiable, expecially since 3 hours is free and you can park in Maidenhead town centre for £1.50 for that entire duration at night. I know the steps are: appeal, reject, request popla, appeal, win (hopefully). Given the above, which template should I use for my first appeal to ECP? Thanks peeps 2018-01-27-bishops-centre-taplow-sign-and-pcn.pdf
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