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  1. It was some furniture. Very pleased with the result as avoided the need to pursue it in court
  2. Update: I wrote to the company pointing out that I understood a contract had come into existence as per their terms and set out the reasons why I didn't believe the misprice to have been an obvious error. They've agreed and will be sending me the item I ordered.
  3. Thanks for the advice. if I wanted to pursue I'd need to purchase the item elsewhere? And then claim the difference? How would I get my original payment back from the retailer?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I understand that's usually the case where the T&Cs say something along the lines of 'contract isn't formed until the items are shipped'. But in my case their T&C are pretty clear on that a contract has been formed as soon as the money has been taken and order confirmed. Having done a bit of reading looks like a small claims court for 'loss of bargain' is the only approach if my initial approach by email fails. But any info is from before the latest consumer regulations came into force so not sure if that changed anything
  5. I purchased an item from [edited] for £3200 during their January sale thinking it was a good deal as the item normally retails for between £5000-6000. Order confirmation received straight away and payment has been taken from my credit card. I’ve now 3 days later had an email from them saying it was a misprice and giving me the chance to either purchase the item at full price £5500 or to cancel the order and receive a full refund. Their T&Cs (I can't post a link as a new member to them) states that a contract is formed once an order is received and payment taken:
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