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  1. Are you saying given the age of them now the effect of getting them satisified would be negligible then? Unlikely to make any difference to say a tenancy credit check or simo contract?
  2. Hi all. I have a couple of old payday loan debts that date back to late 2012 that are both Defaulted on my credit files. In the absence of a time machine, would like to get these resolved and marked as satisfied in full. I have managed to find original credit agreements for both of them. Paydayuk - £100 loan with £129 to be repaid. It is showing as satsified on Callcredit and assigned to Prac Financial on others. I suspect Prac bought it like they do and just wrote it off? 247moneybox/active securites - £100 loan. £176 to be originally repaid. Showing £292 in Default. Recently contacted me out of the blue with a 50% settlement offer but were vague about updating credit agencies. I do not want to make affordability complaints as I cannot be sure what I stated on applications. Would I just approach it like dealing with any other old debt and send them a letter offering X amount in full and final settlement? I want to be smart about this and minimise what I pay and potential blowback so figured best to ask now if there as a right way to go about this? Any other help, tips or advice? Massive thanks in advance.
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