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  1. Yes i did (it was first credit but has just changed to Intrum)
  2. But it's showing on my credit file as up to date so can't they then put a default on it? I'm sorry I'm new to this so am unsure what you mean!?
  3. Thanks for the quick response sgtbush! If I don't pay anything though won't they default me?
  4. Hi I hope I'm posting this in the correct place! I have almost finished settling all my debts with f&f settlements with thanks to all the advice I found on here but i have 2 issues remaining; - I offered Link financial a f&f for an old barclaycard. The amount outstanding is £1440 & I offered £734 They have declined this offer and said the least they are willing to accept is £1295! I have since requested a CCA which they have just written back to me to say they can't locate, therefore the debt is unenforceable. Should I offer a small amount to settle this debt as it hasn't currently defaulted on my credit report even though I have been in a DMP for 5 years (which I have now closed) -My second Issue is a Tesco loan which has been sold on to Intrum. I offered £5,404 on a £10,665 loan which was declined. They have since provided a CCA therefore the debt seems enforceable. This account defaulted February 2012 therefore is now not on my credit report. I am now in the process of offering £7,000 but really can't afford anymore than that. What are my best options for the above please, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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