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  1. Thanks for the replies, I was lucky I did cancel the DD before they could action the extra payment and secondly I have also noticed that the Meter serial number is different to last months bill. Another reason for this invoice to be cancelled, Has anyone looked at the reviews for Iresa on the net. rating *
  2. Hello I’ve been a customer of Iresa (Energy supplies) for over a year and never had a problem until the beginning of the year. My account has always been in credit of between £50-60 plus I always submit meter readings online when requested. I had an email 3 wks ago stating as my account was in Debit balance Iresa would request a one off payment from my bank on the 31st Jan. Logged onto my account and noted that the account was in £1351 debit. Iresa had generated an invoice for this amount and applied it to my account. I’ve since cancelled my DD informed Iresa of my actions via email and spoke to Customer Services and was told someone would email me shortly, that was 2 weeks ago and my account is still in debit. How can I resolve this as the I am concerned that Iresa will disconnect my supply
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