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  1. Santander unable to provide the info relating to last activity on the account as they no longer have the records. The assistant in the bank even showed me the screen. All they had was info relating to my name and address with everything else gone. They said this usually happens after about 6 years. So, I can't prove when my last activity on the account was.
  2. Don't know about the SB date, probably can't get paper work as opened with Alliance and Leicester not Santander, and is chock with charges. But still, can't afford to risk a CCJ which I know they will try for as it has happened to a relative recently (it turned out to be SB).
  3. This looks like the letter needed: You know nothing of the Debt / Prove It **Updated 21st April 2014** So this will prevent a backdoor CCJ being railroaded and also buy me a bit more time toward the statute barred date - which could be as soon as March 2018 according to my last activity on the account. Thanks for the help!
  4. They are definitely phishing - I have received two letters to my new address from Cabot - the first came earlier this month saying they have recently confirmed I am living at this address and offering help for future repayments. A second letter arrived four days later, very short addressed to The Occupier, titled returned mail - claiming to have received some returned mail from my new address, but their records show I am still registered there. This second letter is a lie, I have not, and nobody could have returned any letters from my current address. If I write to Cabot
  5. I can see from my credit report that my last payment and usage on the account was March 2012 - I will call Satan's bank to check this as it may have been earlier. But the credit report states the default is reported until September 2018. Also, in terms of letters received from Cabot they have only just arrived as they have tracked me to my new address. Just a letter offering repayments, not threatening Court action - yet. I originally opened with Alliance and Leicester (suckered in with the free £100 opening offer - then Santander took over the account) in 2010ish and h
  6. Hi, I have joined the forum in the hope that somebody has useful information for me in my aim to shake Cabot Financial off, who are chasing a debt which becomes statute barred in September 2018. A brief outline of the debt I am being chased for: Type of debt: Credit debt - Santander Current account Outstanding balance: £590 (consisting £150 overdraft + £440 charges) Account closed: September 2012 After speaking with a helpful advisor at the National Debtline and explaining my situation, I was told it was a difficult one which needed careful consideration of my next s
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