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  1. Hi Slick They started the searches around June time and they closed our file when the house fell through towards the end of August. We paid everything that was owed. Originally, our Mortgage Broker asked them to transfer the documents over (as he was the one who asked could they reopen our file) and when they didn’t, we’ve had to ask ourselves. They still haven’t and I suspect they’re going to be more difficult to get hold of now with the Lockdown restrictions coming into play and possibly more people working from home.
  2. Good Evening all, I've been in the process of trying to move house for what seems like forever and, to cut an extremely long story short, we’ve had two houses fall through. The first house however came back onto the market and now we’re back in the process of buying that. The searches were done and I’m not sure how far along they were with enquiries etc but we were at quite an advanced stage. The original solicitors that we used closed our file and when we’ve gone back to them they’ve refused to continue with our purchase as they’re too busy so we’ve had to look el
  3. Fantastic news. I know they’re cowboys but it just puts my mind at ease knowing that the emails they are sending amount to little more than scare tactics. Cheers!
  4. Great this is a big weight off my shoulders, thanks you so much for your help.
  5. Hi Slick, I posted in another thread and I’ll be posting my letter based on your template above, tomorrow. However, I just wondered whether you’d be able to put my mind at ease over something? I didn’t give Harlands and CRS my new address, but they got it anyway when I signed up to my new gym who, unbeknown to me, also use Harlands. I just realised this was the case when I received an email from them before with an attached letter. Do I still need to send them a letter with my new address? Also, being the crafty beggars they are, even if I sent them a tracked
  6. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. I've just made a couple of adjustments to the original letter so it fits my circumstance. Does this read okay? "Dear Harlands/CRS, I refer to demands from Harlands/CRS. Please note my new address is xxxxxxxx. Write to me if you want but I will pay nothing. Harassment by Harlands/CRS will be reported if necessary. Yours sincerely, Thanks again for all of your help. Kind regards, Josh
  7. Good Afternoon everyone, Like many before me, it appears I have run into a few issues dealing with Harlands and CRS. It all started when I tried to cancel my membership with Xercise4Less. Having naively believed they had accepted my cancellation when I filled out a form in my gym, I got a nasty surprise some months later when I found they continued to take £14.99 a month out of my account. I then found a way to cancel online and cancelled my direct debit too to ensure they couldn't take any more money from me. Six months later, and I start getting emails from Harla
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