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  1. There seems to be mixed opinion as to whether a set aside would be granted in these circumstances.
  2. Yes, it's the same one, it had all gone a bit quiet after the last 10k dropped off (all bar this) and then this last one popped up again. Never heard from a bailiff in the end. I'm tempted to pay it but obviously if I can get a discount 5-600 quid is worth holding out for if I up the offer a bit. I'm wondering to string them out to the end of the financial year and then pop an offer in knowing that any good sales team will take it to get their figures up. It's a gamble, it depends how hard-ball they play in these situations
  3. I've had about 40k of debt go statute barred in 2018 - good year. I have one outstanding account which was approx 1200 for an o'draft (the debt was from 2012 but CCJ issued in 2015). A DCA obtained a CCJ against a prior address, a warrant of execution was issued and a bailiff attended to be told I was no longer at that address. Forward to 2018 and an updated credit file saw this DCA come out of the woodwork for this CCJ. I sent a GDPR request and the file that came back was huge and showed letters and discount offers of up to 70% going back years. I made an offer based on t
  4. DCA 1st Credit Overdraft (HBOS) £1600 The CCJ was issued to a previous address against an account that was held at another even earlier address. I incurred the debt at A, CCJ was registered at B and I'm now at C. No, unfortunately, I didn't. Warrant of control issued in 15 with a final return in the Dec - been dormant since. The reason for this coming about was I have had about 30k go SB over the last year with a further 10k due to fall off the credit report in a month's time. A DCA, well known for SB debt collection attempts started sending letters recen
  5. I now have a copy of the judgment Warrant of control issued (fairly obvious) there is another entry which if somebody could explain it would be appreciated. Final Return on Warrant Final - return code 126 (appreciate the return code is an internal admin code) but would appreciate an explanation of Final return on warrant.
  6. The account info shows the default for the account is late Feb '12, the monthly reporting only goes through 2013-2017. Effectively, months 61-72 on the credit reports are 'missing', not showing for this defaulted account, but they do show for active accounts which are in a good state.
  7. On my credit file I have a couple of credit cards and bank account listing details going back 6 years i.e. including 2012. I have a default which is coming up for SB this month, but the record doesn't show 2012, it only goes back through 2013. Am I right in thinking this is deliberate to make it difficult to calculate an SB date.
  8. Haven't actually managed to get through, sent three emails and spent numerous attempts listening to engaged tones on the phone.
  9. I left a rental property in January '15. Subsequently, I had a CCJ issued in April 15 (to the previous address so not defended) for£1600 (HBOS). Bailiffs attended the previous address in Dec '15. I have contacted Northampton to find out who issued the CCJ but not heard back yet. For how long is the warrant live? I'm seeing 1 year in some places? Is it normal for warrants to be re-issued to new addresses (in this case 2 years later)? The CCJ is only coming up to 3 years. There's no real point in Bailiffs attending as I have no property (everything I own can
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