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  1. Hi Steve,

    Just came across you old thread re Carrington Car/ AWD.

    I'm in what seems the exact position- did you manage to sort anything out?
    I've been putting it off, but must a really must at least try as in effect i have given them thousands for nothing as they have sorted no mortgage for us besides they very first they did.



  2. Thank you - I've seen most of this already. I can't seem to find any advice where a conclusion has been reached.
  3. I'm looking for some advice please. I have been looking to claim back PPI which was provided under a consolidation I did some years ago. It seems very complicated to me and I have put it off for a long while. Recently however a close friend of mine who had the exact same set of circumstances has made a successful claim. My big problem is that he has paid £5000 in fees by his claim company. So out of a total £11000 claim he has only received £6000. This seems ridiculous! The story is that I was approached by Carrington Carr, who persuaded me that consolidating my debt
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