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  1. She passed in April We are not the only beneficiaries, her children (my mum and 2 uncles) get the cash assets divided equally, they are also the executors and my mum will take the lead and apply for probate The property to be sold and proceeds equally divided between the 3 grandchildren thanks again
  2. Hi all, just after a quick bit of advice My grans will explicitly states that her house is to be sold and all proceeds from sale is to be split between her grandchildren (myself & 2 close brothers) If us grandchildren agree in writing, can the deeds of the house be simply transferred to us so that the property stays within the family or is it an enforced sale as per the will instructions? NB, there is no outstanding mortgage TIA :-)
  3. The debt is is Australia - Im in the UK Have checked my UK credit file - all good here in the UK
  4. Absolutely nothing - Its' 2 letters & 7 numbers - the letters do not link to anything - they're not the initials of the credit card company/bank nor are they my initials, the number is not that of any of my accounts, my date of birth, phone number, postcode or anything
  5. Thank you The email just had a reference number in the subject line
  6. Just received this email - No post - no phone calls yet (touch wood)- for unsecured credit card debt - not sure how much as there were a few cards and i don't know which one this is for - the max would be £8000, a couple of others with smaller amts "It has come to our attention that you are currently residing overseas. Please be advised that your accounts held with Credit Corp remain outstanding and continue to accrue interest while under review for outsourcing to local recovery agent for collections in the UK. It is our intention to work with you to bring this matter to a suitable outc
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