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  1. Thanks Andy, I will crack on with this. Cwd have filled their side in and have filled out expert evidence using written evidence
  2. Looks spot on, thankyou for your time and help with this. I will get this sent off and keep you all posted.
  3. The claim is for repayment of a credit card debt incurred by the defendant whilst resident in the UAE. Pursuant to practice direction 16, this claim against the defendant is a claim for payment in a foreign currency, namely aed. This claim is so pleaded because aed was the currency borrowed by the defendant and advanced by the claimant under the term of the credit card agreement. Adopting the foreign exchange rate of www.ft.com as at xxx on xxx Nov 2019, (being aed 1:£0.2113) the claimed sum of xxx equates to £9500
  4. Leave it with me, I will remove sb and point 6 on rule 16. Does everything else look ok?
  5. Nothing separate just standard claim form everyone receives. ok will try to do it just have no access to scanner as off work for another week.
  6. Yes the claim is for a credit card from my time in uae and claim for repayment in a foreign currency. Not hiding anything
  7. I will remove sb, they did confirm receipt of payment but kept refusing to send letter of closure of account etc. I have receipt, bank transfer info, email confirming the amount from previous email
  8. Does anyone have any input on the below? Defence The Defendant contends that the particulars of the claim are false and misleading. The Defendant accordingly sets out its case below. 1. The Claimant claims £xxx is owed under credit agreement with The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah. The defendant did owe money to this bank but submitted payment of the agreed amount of xxxx on xxxx via his power of attorney (POA agreed on xxxxx) Payment was agreed by xxxxxx over the phone who agreed the amount from an email dated Feb 18. Once payment was sent the de
  9. Name of the Claimant ? RAK bank on behalf of cwd Date of issue 3/12/19, date of service 6/12/19 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? The claim is for repayment of a credit card debt incurred by the defendant whilst a resident of uae. pursuant of practice direction 16, claim against defendant is a claim for repayment in a foreign currency. What is the total value of the claim? £9500 Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC ( Pr
  10. Ok I will upload today at work, if I can’t I will do tonight
  11. Hi Dx name of claimant - RAK Bank UAE through CWD date of issue 3/12/19 date of service 6/12/19 particulars of claim - alleged unpaid credit card from 2010, paid agreed amount to bank last year. They are stating I owe £9500. I have evidence of payment, email thread, they are disputing the agreement was out of date. This claim is for repayment of a credit card debt incurred by defendant whilst a resident in the uae. persuant of practice direction 16,this claim for payment in a foreign currency. is this enough info?
  12. So I have had my court papers through today, date of service is 6th December so I guess I have 14 days from that date to reply? any ideas how to go forwards on this?
  13. That was my thought see what happens. I have the proof etc so if it went to court let’s see what they say
  14. Squaddy diffrent bank that was paid up, they are disputing payment amount. Oh evidence has been sent
  15. Update for everyone, I have now received a letter from CWD saying I have 10 days to make a payment proposal and failing that they have instructions to take legal action against me without further notice to me.
  16. Sent mine Friday so will keep you all posted if I get a response. I also did not give them my mobile number
  17. We1506 I’ve not heard of anyone buying debt from UAE to take people to court here in the UK,. Dx May have a better idea on this? Remember if such things go to court you have options like monthly payments etc if you lose and if it goes that far and it will be under UK law and not UAE. If mine does they have to explain a few things like how the interest over a small period of time is at £2000.
  18. My reply is asking for all information regarding the alleged debt, original statements/ agreements and asking if this has gone through the courts in the UAE, also asking if they have bought the debt or are acting on behalf. Really nothing new from what I have seen on here before. I was going to send the pap form back stating I am unaware of the debt in question and ask for the relevant information. my only question is do I send the pap form from them or from government website as I think I read there is one there.
  19. Yeah it’s a new one it seems like from them, I have a letter drafted ready to send but will see if any developments here before I send
  20. Ok I will wait to see the response you come up with dx
  21. Hi, I have read a few threads and it seems the new one is ABu Dhabi City Bank are using Moriarty law. Today I received a letter from them in the same format as other on here, the letter is very sketchy with dates and no evidence of signed agreements, copies of statements etc. The letter does state it’s a PAP which I need to reply within 30 days, however I left January 2011 and this is the first contact I have had from anyone regarding the alleged debt, can you use the 6 year statute barred rule on this? thanks in advance.
  22. No exactly, I’m not that bothered but always good to know if any court cases etc as I haven’t followed much in the last year
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