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  1. Hi, I unsuccessfully claimed against Barclaycard for a mis-sell of egg card PPI back in 2015 (I was successful against Canada Square for my Egg loan) My Reasons were: the box was pre-ticked and having a relationship with Egg I had spoken to someone over the phone first who had advised that I must go online to apply, and as with the loan my chances were improved if I took out PPI. In addition I had a generous sick pay scheme and redundancy scheme at work. I then sent off a SAR to barclaycard requesting all of my statement information as well as the original application. They returned a ream of lovely dot matrix print outs (that they insisted I go into a branch to collect) and a reconstruction of my application.. .none of which was of any use to me in my hunt for further information, so I left the claim at that point. I recently became aware of a "failed SAR" and what it meant, so I sent another request to Barclays for the information, pointing out that they had failed to provide the relevant information requested. I have now had another ream of much easier to decipher a4 paper (delivered to my flat this time), this includes all of my statements as well as some information on my claim. This following stood out for me: Again they haven't provided my application, this time not even a reconstruction, just a page of settings & values, again it says "Y" for PPI and I am sure that this was pre-ticked The PPI rate climbed from 54p to 79p in the £ (with a mid range in the middle) within a very short space of time with no notification. I also have "finance charges" which I have asked for further explanations on, but I suspect were put in place when PPI took me over my limit as this was applied before payments were calculated Then the final and most worrying item, there is data about when my claim was filed and "settled", the settled date is correct, the claimed date is years out, which seems to indicate a lackadaisical approach to reviewing these claims, and a total lack of due care and diligence on their part, I can't believe that my claim was actually looked into bar data entry & sending out standard letters based on this information. In addition I now have the details of my exact sick pay offering as well as the letter sent when AXA were replaced as the underwriter of the insurance, this was the first inkling I had of this being optional and I turned off PPI soon afterwards. Given all this new info, and the fact that BC failed to hand some of it over at the first time of asking, am I right in thinking I could ask them to review my claim again even though the 6 months has long passed.
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