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  1. @ericsbrother it's not entirely in my hands as it's my brothers company and they engage with him. My brother doesn't have time to spend on this ..he's far too busy, he doesn't have time to fight this, it's a nuisance and distraction. I'm asking questions and exploring options - not inventing problems, this is a problem.
  2. @dx100 thank-you for the correction - i.e. DD Guarantee. Can I explore the options a little further with you so that I'm clear of options and consequences? What happens if we don't dump the lease company (i.e. due to my brothers other vehicles for staff)?....should I just return my car? Do we have any other options to bring this to a close? Thanks again for your help
  3. Hi DX100 & EricsBrother thanks for the advice To clarify, we have written to the lease company twice, as well as email, once telling them he was prepared to sue, but not a third time. I've asked my brother to call the bank to claw back that money via ChargeBack. I'll ask my brother if he can terminate the contract - the issue is he has other cars and this may cause a problem for him. @DX100 anything in particular I need to put in writing when dumping the lease company? aside from mentioning they breached the contract. If my brother doesn't want to termina
  4. Ok thanks DragonFly1976 - this sounds like hassle for my brother? what should we do to go after the leasing company to bring this matter to a close? I'm happy to terminate the contract and return my car.
  5. so if you were me and want to close this with least amount of agro what would you do? 1) Go to bank and request a refund from the DD by lease company .....then what? terminate the contract with the lease company?
  6. Thanks for the speedy advice! Much appreciated. How do I moved to conclude this? I'm concerned as this is stressful for my brother and also for me, it takes his secretary time to write letters and mess around with the bank . ..the letters are pretty mean from UKPC. I think my brothers getting really fed up .
  7. Oh no before I got a chance to write that letter to the lease company they have taken more money from my brother via direct debit - this is really getting dreadful now They have charged £100 plus £30 admin fee.
  8. Hi @ericsbrother how should I make sure that the lease company know that we're 'gunning' for them? My brother wrote to them already but this hasn't seemed to change their behaviour.
  9. OK 'chargeback' thank-you - I'll ask my brother to contact the bank - would you kindly explain exactly what to say - I assume I say it's a breach of contract ?
  10. Hi there So my brother’s company have received another letter from UKPC dated 30 May saying that if the anmount is not paid within 14 days they will pass to debt collection agency ...followed by Country Court if necessary (oh dear this is sounding very scary now). In addition to this - the lease company has take £18 via direct debit.
  11. i reported the issue on the phone. I asked for the complaints procedure, they couldn't tell me, instead they logged it and said I had to wait 72 hours for Customer Relations to contact me.' Nothing bad happened. I'm just upset that it may have done - they put me at risk of getting points on my licence. And I though that the money I had paid previously for the initial insurance would have covered a level of service to inform me of any issues or not having valid insurance. So i feel i paid for a 'service' that I didn't get. Yes bit of hassle suddenly finding out i'm not insured and h
  12. Hi there, My car insurance company told me not to worry I am on automatic renew and I didn't need to do anything. When I called to check something else (a few days past the auto renewal date) they told me it had expired - I was shocked! - they failed to notify me that the auto-renewal didn't work - failed to tell me that it expired in writing by post or email They say they sent me a sms (text) message saying "contact them before renewal date to renew". I didn't see that ...and to be honest even if I had because I'd seen the e-mail telling me that I didn't need to do anything .
  13. Hi there, thanks for all the advice , my brother is drafting the letter to the lease company. I checked the agreement with the lease company (i.e. about passing data and 'fines and contraventions') see attached for your review. My brother is happy to allow me to fight this ..but is worried about impact to his company CCJ etc. Do you see any issue with the agreement? How can I reassure my bro? Thanks again for your help. Snip from agreement with Lease Company_Data_and_Parking Fines.pdf
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