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  1. at the begining I got advice just to write them saying not to harass friends at London address, just in case so I can have somewhat control over the letters- thats why I did it. But I found out that they continued writing to my friends address and mine at home. Disaster, are they crazy. How to stop that? Friend opened one letter, I wanted to bury myself from shame. Thank you for any advice
  2. Ive got letter number 2. Must say its exactly the same as first except new date and new address. Ive written them a letter not to write to the London adress at my friend, and who would say, they did so, sent 2 Letter to my ID address in EU. Asked them in a letter to explain on what they base the amount of 150Ph and how can they be above UK law for 1 time offenders and small value... As the max fine is 50-80 Ph by law for all under 200Ph, ore even just a warning. Of course, they didnt answer.. I should just ignore the letter again???? Its always stated letter before claim thank you
  3. Thank you.. Hope I wouldnt have the need to contact you ever regarding RLP.. Im truly sorry, really embarrassed. Had enough.
  4. Thank you for giving me a peace of mind, I really wouldnt avoid paying any due, but 150 for returned , 12 Ph thing with me making no false statements and totally cooperative. if they wouldnt try to extort money people would actually pay more of their nonscence. Hopefully that goes well in couple of months.
  5. Dear Ms... Letter before claim We have been instructed by tk maxx in relation to the incident at .......on ......where it was alleged you where involved in Theft of goods. As you are aware you where apprehended as a result of your actions. Your conduct gives our client the right to pursue a civil claim for "DAMAGES" against you in the County Court as this caused a significant disruption to our clients bussiness at those premises. Our client has sustained losses as a result of your wrongfull actions which include the value of the goods, if not recovered or fit for resale; the cost of the diversion of its staffs time and associated security and administration costs. The average cost to our client of an incident this nature is between 300 and 500Ph, before taking into account any goods ore cash not recovered. Please read the attached information in conjunction with this letter. Recovering the goods ore cash doesnt mean our client has suffered no loss. Our client is entitled to seek to recover from you the cost of the disruption to its bussines caused by your wrongfull acts. This cost is calculated by reference to, amongst other things , the time spent by staff observing, apprehending , interviewing you , and undertakin all necessary internal and external procedures thereafter. Given the value of the claim, our client is required to proces it expediently, cost effectively and proportionally. A fixed contribution to all losses is therefore sought in sum 149,50. This doesnt include any amount for the property ore cash as these were fully recovered. This is a civil claim and separate from any criminal proceedings ore police action. If you believe you have a Defence, ore there are other factors you wish taken into consideration, please advise us and provide any evidence in support, within 21 days. You will appreciate, our client can only take into consideration information if it si provided. Our client relies upon its investigation file and the evidence of its personnel to prove its claim. If you require further information to understand the claim against you, ore think that this letter is in any way defective, please let us know within the next 7 days. We are required to refer you to the practice Directon for pre-action Conduct which has been published in the civil Procedure Rules 1998. The Court has power to impose sanctions on any party who fails to comply with the Practice Direction. There is an obligation upon each party to set out their case in full, to exchange documents and information, and generaly to engage in attempts to settle this dispute withou the need of Court proceedings. We are required to inform you that ignoring this letter may lead to our client starting proceedings which may well increase your liability for legal costs. We recomment you take independent legal advice if you are in any way unsure of your position. We have put your case on hold for 21 days for you to consider your following options: *If you believe you have a Defence, to provide the details along with any evidence upon which you rely *Of there a reother factors you wish to be taken into consideration, to provide the details *Setle the claim by paying the amount stated 149,50(see revese) *Contact our Collections Department to discus payment options to settle the claim (see reverse) *Negotiate an alternative settlment by contacting our Collecton Department *advise if you require more time to take legal ore other advice and cosider your position We look forward to receiving your response. Please ensure you send correspondence to us, and not to our client directly.as this will cause unecessary delay . yours faightfully Retail loss prevention limited ok I typed the first and most important page, you are worth doing that. there is no pdf in uploads...I will write a letter.. thanks
  6. Thanks again. Im trying to upload the letter, through attachment in Go Advanced down, but it just won't upload. Any help how to do it I gave them my ID, its all info they need . Together with my home adress, city, country, they just insisted on London based adress , cause they I guess saw its complicated, i repeated few times Im not living in London, Im going home in few days. I was scared of police and would donate blood in that moment. They have my real adress just keep choosing uk one You think writing to them is better than a phone call ,which I would record?
  7. Thank you so much, I never took anything, was just angry somebody had taken money out of my account and I somehow made a mistake to think I can do something, totally stupid. I will send a letter, its absolutely the same as I saw in other forums. Just even larger sum of 150 for stuff of 12 Ph. Now I know they should have all on camera in the little room, where I was obviously totally communicative, didnt lay ore pretend and begged them to pay . I guess I should really call them tomorrow , they must send letters to my real address, dont they? I really dont wont to disturb people in the house in London and want to have some control over it. I read that by new law Police will now deal even through post for such minor offences, thefts under 200 thank you, so you are 100% positive I will be ok and ignore. I was even thinking turning myself in and pay the police what I should do by the law not by some private company made up rules
  8. Hi, I must have done all forums upon the subject I guess. Got caught with unpayed wallet, wort 12Ph, security stopped me at the door.. not to repeat similar story. Took me to small room, I immediately gave the wallet, they didnt check I had other things all payed.. never did that before, I was totally embarrassed . They mentioned the police, they could call but wont.. I was out my self and begged them constantly to pay for the thing. They got it back, undamaged, totally resealable. Mentioned RLP, and I was asking how much, they dont know??? How can a staff , they work for RLP , dont know.. gave all truthfull info. Now my concern, Im not from UK, Im EU , just came for holidays. I gave the ID, mobile, he wasnt happy I dont have UK mobile, but explained dont need one as I have free all over EU calls.. And said more than once Im not living here, ore lying about living. I can easily proof that. they insisted I gave them FRIENDs adress Im staying with . Of course, I dont want them anything to do with my doings, I made a mistake to give it, I might as well stay at the hostel. .First letter came, I asked a friend to send me unopen. .I made something up. How to stop letters arriving at the address where I dont live, isnt that illegal to bother people who are in no way connected to me when I gave them my ID and made no lays about it. . I cant have any control about what they are sending. ..Im very tempted to call RLP and explain that they have to send all on my reall adress.. How to do that in best possible way.. Of course Im banned for a year, but that doesnt worry me much .I mean , I would pay, now Im sorry they didnt call the police as I would pay nothing, ore 50Ph , max 80, as I checked for 1st time offenders less than 100PH. I HAVE THIS SCENARIO THAT NEXT TIME I ENTER ENGLAND, LONDON, PLANNING TO COME IN SEPTEMBER ,I WILL BE HANDCUFFED AT THE BORDER LIKE A CRIMINAL ORE TAKEN BY POLICE. Dont know how they ended up in the 1st letter I should pay 150Ph.. And I really cant afford this.. How can they be above UK law which would fine me for 80 max. 150 is crazy, Im studying, Im unemployed, I was angry on the system caus day prior to my arrival some shady company took more than 500PH from my account and still the bank didnt return money.. Im not proud but I made a really stupid mistake. If Im living hier, I would ignore letters as all all suggested, but as Im not UK I m so tempted to call ore write to send all my letters to my home, outside UK. Its not my fault living abroad .. I would pay a sum up to 100, but all above is just to much. Any advice? I dread entering the country and I had plans to come with my boyfriend. He would be utterly disapointed as he thinks Im like some saint. There are no threads on tourist, foreigners getting the RLP letters. Thank you
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