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  1. Update: I called UC service centre this morning and I asked for a budgeting advance and I got accepted, it will be in my bank on Friday for £300.
  2. Evening, Does anyone know how to apply for a budgeting advance? today I got my statement as I get paid on the 11th and it stating my budgeting advance is now repaid and I am desperately to get a cooker as I haven't got one in my flat If I leave it for a few days, will it come on my Universal Credit account where I can apply for one then or will I need to contact my work coach or is they a number to ring to apply for? Any help would be great thank you.
  3. Hi, I had to borrow the money of my mate to pay it but he didn't give me it till late and the bank shut to put it in my bank so I had no choice but to run to post office to pay it that way.
  4. Hello, please accept my apology if this is not in the correct forum. I need some advice, I have just paid my council tax payment at the post office at 17.02 today but on the letter it states I need to pay it by 24 October which is tomorrow, and if I didn't paid it, they will send me court summons, by paying by post office just now, have I done it just in time by tomorrow? or is it too late? Any advice would be great thank you.
  5. I have been told on many websites that once the debt has been re-paid then you can apply for another but I am just making sure.
  6. Hi, I need some advice, I nearly paid all my Budgeting Advance and last payment is next month, just wondering if I will be able to apply for another once it's paid? it's for white goods (Fridge) - my circumstances is still the same as before and I am on Universal Credit if anyone is wondering. Any advice would be great thank you.
  7. Update: My housing officer sent me an email this morning as I sent her an email yesterday as I was worried over the letter. She told me in the email today that I not need to worry as the old one expired so they had to do a new one. She also said as long as I keep up my agreement and payments every month I won't be evicted from my flat, I am well pleased as I was worried overnight about that letter as I don't want to loose my flat!!
  8. Evening, Not sure if this is in the correct topic so accept my apology if it's in the wrong section, this Monday (February 11th) I had a appointment with my income office from my housing association and come to agreement with my rent arrears I am on Universal Credit they pay £303.67 direct I pay extra £20.00 a month to cover my arrears, this morning I received a letter from my landlord and it's states - NOTICE OF SEEKING POSSESSION - RE-SERVE it's states at the bottom the following: ''You were served with a Notice of Seeking Possession 12 months ago and this has now expired.'' ''If you have already made an agreement to reduce your rent arrears, please continue to make your payments as agreed.'' Does anyone know what this means? I already agreed with my housing officer on Monday and this came today and I am upset, it states on the letter the date as: 11th February 2019. Should I be worried about this? I am worried Any advice would be great thank you.
  9. Yes, I have been trying to come some sort of a payment arrangement but Jacobs is not having any of it, they state that if I pay a full payment in full on one account then they can do it but I can't afford to pay a full amount. No, I am not currently working but aiming to get back into work ASAP just very quiet at the moment with jobs and I am on Universal Credit and I am a single person living in a 1 bed flat from a Housing Association.
  10. Hi, thank you, Yes, I keep getting lots of letters about removal stages and that's all, and no, not moved adress as I live in my flat since 2012 - that's great about eviction, I thought that was wrong information. I don't drive so don't have a car. Yes, and keep getting letters with the red letter stating - REMOVAL - 7 DAY NOTICE and the amount below but nothing after them letters and they don't make any contact for weeks.
  11. Morning, Please accept my apology if this isn't in the correct topic but need some urgent advice, I got a huge council tax debt problem which needs sorting ASAP, at the moment I have outstanding is: £2,623.75 I have got bailiffs (Jacobs Enforcement) on my back, but I got told they can't force entry for council tax, is this correct? I got a letter over the weekend stating removal is in place, but they never been in my flat. Today, I am going to look for some advice regarding this as this is making me depressed. I also been told that I could get evicted from my flat, but I think this is untrue as council tax is nothing to do with eviction, is this correct? I am with a housing association. I can't believe I left it too long, I buried my head in the sand hoping it would go away, but didn't knew council tax was a priority bill. Could Citizen Advice help me with this debt? Any advice would be great, thank you.
  12. Just wondering, what sort of questions will I be asked at the interview? I am just worried in case I get the answer wrong and I get my passport declined, feeling nervous now lol.
  13. Update: Passport office has booked my interview for Tuesday 25 September at 12.15pm - I am just wondering what's the dress code for these interviews? could I come in my jeans and t-shirt slogan (Nobody Knows I'm Gay) or do they not allow slogan t-shirts into the building?
  14. Update: Yesterday I went to the Post Office to post my Passport application and I used the check and send service, the lady who served me looked through my form and she said everything is ok with the form and I got my former teacher (who she now has now retired) to sign for it and the lady said it will take six weeks to get an update on my interview to continue my passport application. So all good!
  15. I have just spoken to another one and another adviser said yes, my friend can sign as she is in health care work and she has that Level 3 in diploma so it must be right then lol.
  16. That's true Honeybee13 but I think they are right as they work at the office so they should know, 2 different advisers said it's ok so it must be lol.
  17. I have rang Passport Office and two advisers said that my friend who works in Health Care who has a Level 3 diploma in health and social care can sign the passport form and picture, so everything is good! So, the person who said she is not on the list, you are wrong!
  18. Yes I have Honeybee13 - I contacted her on Whatsapp and she told me this: Qualified healthcare assistant with Level 3 diploma in health and social care. Not sure if she has one of them qualifications what stated on the Passport Office as she didn't say, but will this do that she has Level 3 in diploma? or will it get rejected if she signs for it?
  19. Hi, I was just a bit worried that the date might be an issue? my neighbour is doing it now, and yes, she is on the list of the countersign on GOV website as she is a nurse like I stated.
  20. Need more advice please, I have now filled in my passport application form what I got from the post office and also my friend who is an health nurse has filled in her bit where she has to put her details and sign and also sign my picture. Now, where we put the date on the last page on section 9 and 10, we put the 14.09.2018 but I am not going to post it at the post office until a day later on the 15.09.2018 as I am in work on 14.09.2018 - will this be an issue? will my application get rejected if I send it on the date that I haven't put on the form? the same with the picture as well as my friend put the 14.09.2018. Can someone please let me know as I am worried I will have to fill out the form again if I done it wrong, thank you.
  21. Update: Yesterday, one of my teachers contacted me on Facebook as I posted in a group asking if anyone knows who can sign my passport and she sent me a message saying she can sign it when she get's back from her holiday on September 9th, so that's my holiday to Benidorm sorted haha! Can't wait...
  22. This is driving me mad, why do passports have to be so hard work, why can't I just choose my window cleaner, why are things so difficult
  23. So would a solicitor do, even though I don't know the person personally? Can I just walk into any solicitors in my town and ask them if they could sign my passport even if they don't know me?
  24. I have sent an email to my pharmacy to see if I call in, can someone sign for it. Just need to wait now to see if they can or not.
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