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  1. I had no further success via DPD with this claim. I did every the previous posters suggested but didn't have any further feedback and the claim was closed. It sounds like your parcel had the value declared but not properly insured so the £100 rate would be offered for air mail as a standard. Best of luck!
  2. I'm unable to attached the letter as a document so will paste below will personal details removed. I have also requested search information from the depot and have their reply recorded as previously suggested. To whom it may concern, In relation to the phonecall from xxxx at xxxx depot I’m extremely dissatisfied with the offer that has been given for claim xxxx. I believe £8.78 is an insufficient sum to compensate the loss incurred. The item’s value was declared at £1500 which once my customers full total expenditure has been calculated sums to £2479. Further to your terms an
  3. Last week I requested all the information to make a formal complaint. This took 4 working days to receive but have it all recorded. I also emailed my complaint email to them to which hasn't had an acknowledgement from anyone in DPD even though they have contacted me. Not quite sure where to go if they're not even responding. Any suggestions welcome
  4. Yes I am, I'm working on my formal letter at the moment. Thought it best to clarify my options if this wasn't successful - definitely clarified! Will act on the phone calls this week.
  5. Small update: my insurance won't pay out on the claim so I'm in a worse position than last week as now 100% responsible for reimbursing my customer £2500. I'm hoping to appeal still with DPD but still no further forward to understanding the t&cs and my rights.
  6. Thank for your advice. I wonder how easy it will be to ascertain this information. Even dealing with DPD today has been a nightmare. I've been told they're still conducting the search and a claim will be processed once it's deemed to be lost. It appears they clearly don't communicate!
  7. Thanks for your reply. It took DPD nearly 3 weeks to tell me the CMR rate, even they didn't know without full research. I still don't know what it stands for in all honesty! But they claim it's a standard rate that fluctuates daily. There are further addtions to each block of text, I thought best not to copy the entire section as they're not applicable to my case.
  8. Thank you. I've pasted the paragraphs I believe show dpd to be liable for loss/damage to the declaration value. 8. LIABILITY FOR LOSS AND DAMAGE AND DELAY 8.1 Subject to the provisions of this Section 8 and Sections 5.3, 9, 10 and 11, the Service Provider shall be liable for any physical loss of, or physical damage to, goods during Transit (as defined in Section 6), and storage, except as described in the specific provisions published on the website of the Service Provider at .dpd.com and except to the extent that such loss or damage has arisen from or consists of AND 9. L
  9. Thank you for your advice, I'll all of this on board. In relation to your questions, please find answers below; dpd.co.uk/classic_terms_and_conditions.jsp Yes I do have business insurance. The parcel itself was sent on a standard DPD classic rate, I've been told verbally by DPD that since I have t&cs I should be fine in relation to full liability but this has not been recieved in writing at any stage. I've contacted them directly every day via phone and lastly by email to both my local depot and the ceo. This has not been responded to via DPD - only recieved phonecalll
  10. Hi there, Thanks for the reply. The full refund total is near £2500 owed to my customer which includes reimbursement of the product plus reimbursing of my services and any fees incurred during this time. So the settlement figure is more than the items value. How is it possible to prove the value liability if they are offering such a low sum? I've already reiterated their t&cs in my letters of complaint which has fallen on deaf ears as only been contacted via telephone and only by my local depot rather than higher management who was also contacted from myself. Just fe
  11. Hi all, First time posting here but really need some advice. I'm a small business and use DPD regularly for shopping within the UK. I dispatched an order to the EU on DPD classic which has been subsequently lost on transit (also dpd staff have mentioned it being stolen - but nothing has been done about this). A search was conducted and nothing found so they've closed it today and offered £8.78 in liability. The value of the item was declared as £2000 on the customs form so was taken aback with their offer. The t&cs for this specific shipping option states anything
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