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  1. Really? When I went in to the bank and spoke to a personal banker they said there was nothing They could do. I will call them and try that way... Thank you
  2. No I don't have any proof of what was said 4 years ago. I remember telling them face to face and remember writing to the bank. Unfortunately, neither cancelled it and I've only just picked up on it. I'm absolutely gutted and feel cheated and ripped off. Angry with them and myself. Could really do with the money too...
  3. I went into the bank and they said they couldn't do an 'indemnity claim' but didn't mention anything about a DD guarantee?? Will this cover me for the 4 years? How can a gym think it's ok with taking money every month for 4+ years without a member coming into the gym? I know I should've picked up on it earlier but no one(bank or gym) have come up with anything yet. Its just considered the norm...
  4. Last week whilst sorting through bank statement I came across a Harlands direct debit for £19.99. After researching on google I realised it was for a gym membership (in my knowledge I hadn't been a member of a gym for s substantial amount of time)! After phone calls I realised it was for Simply Gym Wrexham which I had joined in April 2013! I'd been a member for a few months (been to only a handful of times) and had believed Sid cancelled it in January 2014! I remember telling a member of staff on the desk that I wished to cancel and writing to bank to cancel my DD. I've since been in to the bank and they have no record of me cancelling the DD and the manager in the gym said it's the responsibility of the member to cancel the DD and they do nothing (this was not communicated to me at the time either)! They have all the correct contact information (name/address/tel/email) but I have had no contact from them in 4 years. They also had me listed on their system as 'high risk' as I hadn't been there for such a long time (4 years!!!)! think this is morally wrong and really underhand on the part of the gym. They continued taking the DD but no contact. I have since spoken to a couple of friends, coincidentally one who had the exact same situation with the same gym. Membership believed to have been cancelled but was not. I know I should've picked up on this sooner and I will be checking my statements from now on what can I do to get some of the 48 x 19.99 (nearly 1,000) money back. To date the only response back I've had is 'it Is the responsibility of the member to cancel their Direct Debit with the bank when they wish to cancel, we believe we have abided by the terms and conditions of the membership and are unable to offer the refund requested'. It would be very interesting to find out how many other similar unknowing 'high risk' members they have! Any advice please..... Any advice on what to do next? realise I should've picked up on it sooner and will be going through bank statements monthly from now on... Thank you
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