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  1. I have tried with numerous cards debit and card and our credit card is with a different supplier from our debit. We live in Greater London so it’s just weird? I have called Boots before and they can’t tell you why am order has been refused.
  2. Hello, A few months ago I started having my Boots.com orders cancelled for unknown reasons - in the end I gave up and used my husbands account. Then Argos started repeatedly cancelling my orders and so I used my husbands account. Now my husband is being refused orders from both of these companies for unknown reasons. Even if I try and set up a new account and get a delivery it comes back as cancelled. When we call the customer service team can’t tell us much it’s either our card/cards, names or address? Can’t seem to find much on this and what to do never returned an order or had any trouble with these retailers before this!???
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