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  1. Thank you all for your comments. It seems that I don't have a lot to go on, I will still complain as I feel that not having passports is a very obvious reason why someone would have to cancel trips. Lesson learned for next time - have a better, more robust insurance. Thank you all again for your thoughts.
  2. The Passport section only covers £100 for all the below, which is just ridiculous to assume that £100 would cover for anything but the document replacement itself: We will pay for the following: Up to the amount shown in the table of benefits on pages 5 and 6 for: 1. If your passport is lost or stolen during a trip (as long as this is outside the country you departed from), we will pay: i) Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses necessarily incurred outside your home area to obtain a replacement of your lost or stolen passport or visa which has been lost or stolen outside your home area; ii) Reasonable additional public transport costs if you are unable to make your pre booked return flight home following the loss or theft of your passport within 48 hours of your pre booked return flight home; and iii) Any fees payable specifically for you to obtain the replacement passport itself while you are outside your home area. 2. The pro rata value of the original passport at the time of loss; and 3. The replacement costs of any of the following items:  Travel tickets  Green Cards  Visas  Prepaid accommodation vouchers  Prepaid car-hire vouchers  Prepaid excursion vouchers that you lose or that are stolen or damaged during your trip The total amount payable under this section for a claim relating to any or all of the items listed above is limited to the amount shown under the maximum sum insured for section I3 in the table of benefits (£100 for each person covered). It does sound unbelievable that they want to include all the costs within the section that covers the bear minimum amount they pay.... of course that someone that had to incurr extra expenses will spend at least 10 times more than what they are paying... Not sure if there is any way to argue this though..... any ideias?
  3. HI ericsbrother, I just read again the policy and the Section J has an exclusion for Passports lost or stolen....:/ I guess I have no chance to claim for it now, correct? Is it worth sendng to the Ombudsman anyway?
  4. Hello, I’m desperately seeking help regard a claim with my travel insurance. Here is my situation: - Policy: Economy Light (attached) - Insure and Go is the insurance company - Incident while abroad: Money and travel documents stolen from inside our hotel room in Lyon, France, on the 1st night of the trip (22nd December 2017). Unfortunately they were not in the hotel safe. - Travel plans: The trip was originally organized in 2 parts: o 1 week in France: starting in Lyon (where the theft happened) and going to the south of France (Nice, Marseille and Perpignan) o 1 week in Morocco: Departure from Perpignan to Marrakesh and flying from Marrakesh back to London Luton. - Consequences of the incident: Cancellation of hotels in south of France (as we had to go to Paris instead in order to sort new passports) and complete cancellation of the Morocco trip as we couldn’t get passports in time. Extra accommodation and tickets to get home to the UK from Paris (1 week earlier as we missed the holidays in Morocco). - Claims I made: o Section I3: Passport and Travel documents: Seeking for payment to replace the documents (£100 each) o Section I2 - Personal money: Seeking for payment of the U$450 stolen o Section J - Cancelling and cutting short your holiday: Seeking for compensation of having cut my trip short because of the passports being stolen - Response from the Insurance: o Section I3: Passport and Travel documents: They agreed to pay but under this section it’s saying it includes all the extra expenses incurred in order to replace the passports (£100 doesn’t even cover the costs of the new passports, let alone all the extra expenses!!) o Section I2 - Personal money: They are saying there is an exclusion for this: (4. Cash or passports that you do not carry with you on your person (unless they are held in a locked safety deposit box).)"- so I guess I won’t be able to get this money back. o Section J - Cancelling and cutting short your holiday: They are saying that passports being stolen is not in policy as a reason to cut the trip short (which for me is more than absurd as without a passport you cannot travel!). But I don’t see it in the exclusions. They are saying that only these reasons are covered: "Travel and accommodation expenses that you have paid or have agreed to pay under a contract and which you cannot get back, including any local prepaid excursions, tours or activities, if it is necessary and you cannot avoid cancelling or cutting short your trip; and reasonable extra travel costs if it is necessary and you cannot avoid cutting short your trip." I really feel that passports being stolen affect the trip and in my case made me miss flights and my trip and accommodation in Morocco. - Costs incurred: Amongst hotels we missed, extra accommodation in Paris, flights missed and extra ticket to get back to the UK we spent over 2,000 euros! Is there anything I can do to get any compensation under Section J (or any other section that apply better to my situation)??? I’m considering to raise this with the Travel Ombudsman, but not sure how to approach. Please help.. this has ruined my Christmas and my 2 weeks holidays and I’m trying to get a sensible response from the Insurance, but so far I only got “rejections” of my claims. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me! Travel Insurance Policy.pdf
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