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  1. I have received no paperwork from them in the last 6 months. Purely relied on my own calander to make payments. Origionally there were five individual letters stating the £190 each, i got an awful hand writted note through the letter box the day the bailiff first came to my address. The only other letters are the ones i have mentioned, when i have asked for statements and receipts. And got through this generic one. My dads address in kent is where my car is registered, I moved to Hertfordshire temporarily for work, but soon after my nan (dads mum) became very ill from cancer. So i was then heading back to see her in the hospice. The account i have with dart charge is still open, but with an old car. They would just charge me every time i used it. Taking the advice earlier i have submitted 2/5 out of time witness statements with the 2 fines that are still under enforcement. I am currently waiting for someone at dart charge to get back to me with dates of the other 3 as they said over the phone with my circumstances I could be entitled to a refund if it goes my way as all out of time whitness statements will be using the same reason. Written*
  2. It seems so, but to be honest like I said, I had never been in such a situation so rolled over busted my balls with work and paid.
  3. Ill start with how and what it has come to for me to post on here. Around this time last year my nan went into end of life care at a pilgrims hospice in kent. At the time I was temporarily living with my mum who lives in Hertfordshire for work. There was no long term vision so I never changed my permanent address. I do have a dart charge account but before working there and due to other reasons I hadnt actually been to Hertfordshire often thus using the dartford crossing, overlooking the fact Id got a new car since the last time I had been there. As I also ride motorbikes and more often ride that and wouldnt pay dart charge manually. When my nan went into hospice for end of life care over the space of a couple of weeks there were five occasions i used my car and didn't pay the dart charge fee. My dad would open my post delivered to his address, but in the circumstances with his mum and my nan being so unwell and eventually passing away. The fines were sent to equita. This is where the trouble started... Originally the five penalties added up to a sum of £10, but through equita LTD they amounted to £190 each! Once I became aware of these I got in contact immediately and tried to resolve/explain the situation and set up a payment plan as id never had anything like this before. I ended up having five separate 'accounts' with them, I asked for have one set date a month for an individual payment to be paid by either standing order or direct debit to make things easier for both parties. But they insisted this they couldn't do this so on five separate times of each month a different amount would need to be paid. But being paid weeks, working long hours and with other financial commitments it was difficult. One week with no warning I had missed a £20 by a day, with no warning I had an enforcement agent at my dads door, demanding 3 of the 5 accounts in full plus his £235 fee. I ended up working nights paying him £100 a week. I even payed him £175 while on holiday which was a birthday treat from my girlfriend. After this and paying over £700 in such a short space of time, I called the office number, on hold for over an hour sometimes purely just to ask for a single payment date and a statement of all the money I had paid. With no exaggeration there has been over 20 times I have been hung up on or spoken to either rudely, patronising and even aggressively I have been told they have no record of what I have paid. At the end of November I called and made a payment which apparently cleared of my 'accounts' as the last two payments were made on the 25 and 29 of the month I asked if anyone would be in the office to pay on those dates in December, the lady on the phone told me there wouldn't but it would be fine to pay the end of the first week in jan. Which with luck was actually my pay day and all was well... Until Jan 3rd 2018 when I received a call from the same enforcement agent I had paid hundreds of pounds in the summer saying he had visited the address demanding the full amount plus £235. I had no warning, only recently I have received texts on the 24th and 28th as a reminder, but no one at equita was working!!! And i had been told friday the 5th would be fine. Since they have continued to hang up, will not discuss anything as its not their problem its the enforcement agents. I even have a couple of phone calls recorded proving this. Yet I still have an agent demading now over £500! Any ideas where I go??? Sorry for such a long threat but I thought it would be better to get it all in that reply filling the gaps later Thanks Also, A point I have missed. On four or five occasions asking for the statement and reciepts which they promised to send. Every single time I have only received what seems to be a generic print out of that I owe them money, with no statement or payments!!
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