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  1. Hi i know it’s a SAR I need now I just didn’t know what exactly a SAR covers. I’m putting in the request because I need information held in emails and other documentation about an ongoing complaint I have with them which is being escalated to the Housing Ombudsman for a second time. After reading the information on the ICO webpage it looks like like everything is covered but wanted to check. Is it information about ‘me’ or can it be information exchanged about the complaint I have lodged and the property I rent from them as they are being very cagey with information
  2. Amongst other things yes. I have asked for details of two of their policies/procedures relevant to my complaint but nothing has been forthcoming. I also need to ask for specific data held visits by members of the Housing Association to my property where notes were made, emails exchanged about my property and the works between certain members of staff (upper management) whilst discussing works following visits which I received no feedback for. I need these as there were many inaccuracies following a visit to my property in the complaint response and I'd be interested in seeing any email exchanges.
  3. I have issues with my Housing Association which has led to two formal complaints both escalated to the Housing Ombudsman, just started the second Ombudsman process now. The Housing Association holds information which I feel is relevant to the complaint and would make the evidence I submit to the Housing Ombudsman a lot more robust however a Freedom of Information request but Housing Associations dont have to comply with these, which I think stinks but there you go. I have researched this and feel that a Subject Access Request would be better for me as it is more personal data held on file as opposed to organisational information. I have looked on the ICO website which states I can ask for any personal information including any emails, my personal file , notes held regarding my issues etc. Before I put this request in however I wondered if anyone else had any experience with this re: Housing Associations or could advise me further? Any help would be appreciated as the issues I have, have been ongoing for 3 years now and historically many more years before I moved into the property
  4. Thanks for the info just had a look at other threads and that’s really useful. Still can’t locate a contact address to make initial claim though. any ideas at all?
  5. Do you have contact details for Monument please I can’t find any? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi I have put in a complaint for PPI for an old credit card being Monument, at the time this company was owned by Barclays Bank so I put the claim in to them as I cannot find a website for them. However I received a reply from Barclays saying they had checked their records back 6 years and I had no PPI policies with Barclays accounts. Thing is I had my Monument card 2003-2005 so 6 years wouldn’t have covered this timescale. I’ve seen on these pages someone received a refund dating back to 2004 from Monument. Can anyone help as to how I progress this I was going to call Barclays but unsure as to my rights and how far back I can complain? I’ve moved house since having the card several times so if they have written to me previously it may have gone to the wrong address. Any advice would be appreciated.
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