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  1. Email from their solicitor "We write in reference to the above matter and to your email to our Contract Partners Kelly dated 11 January 2018 in which you allege Virgin Media trespassed on your private land. Please note we are in the process of investigating the matter and will be in touch with you shortly with a response. Should you wish to discuss the matter in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact the author on the details below." I replied with photos of the offending cable and its location.
  2. That's unbelievable...who do these people think they are?
  3. That's for them to determine as long as it isn't on my property.
  4. Just spoke with my neighbour and they understand and are fine with it. They were told by VM that they had permission to install over my property...not true. I've since contacted the VM CEO and had a reply saying it's been handed to his team.
  5. I did get on with the them fine, but the fact they didn't even ask if it was ok and discuss it with me says it all really. why should I give a damn about what they want? May sound a bit harsh.. .but I think it's downright rude what they have done. I intend having the cable removed. They had TV and telephone before this installation.. .it just wasn't with Virgin Media. What riles me the most is some big corporate thinking they can just do what they want on a property they don't even own. I own my home outright and worked hard to pay for it...Virgin Media d
  6. No.3 shows where the cable begins from under next door's property. The trunking for that was installed many years before I moved into the property. It then goes along the drain over my driveway to the garden next door pic no.3. I'm not concerned about an alternative route as long as it isn't over my property. The tarmaced piece at the end of my patio and drive is communal and owned by all three houses, mine included.
  7. Best I could do I'm afraid. I hope the pics are self explanatory, if not just ask.thanks ... vm pics2.pdf
  8. Yes and it's about 18" from the front of my house...my patio and drive extend about 25' further...so they've come right onto my property.
  9. It's not an underground drain. It's a surface drain covered with grating which was put in by the previous owner. Nothing to do with the water company.
  10. I did not return the form as it was an online signature required, which I obviously did not sign. The email to them was just out of courtesy and they replied asking which house the installation was at.
  11. They asked me to sign an access agreement which I did not sign. I emailed them the following. "With regard to your recent letter…undated. As owner of this property, I do not wish to have cables or ducting running over or under my property and will not grant permission for such an undertaking. Please do not contact me further regarding this matter" In essence they needed permission to be on my property which I denied.
  12. After receiving a Wayleave letter from Virgin Media out of the blue and neighbours not having the decency to discuss with me first, I denied access and did not sign the Wayleave. I just returned home to find one of their contracted engineers on my property, who had lifted drain covers and laid cables in the drain along the length of my property. I'm really annoyed that they would just walk onto my property and install cables without permission. What are my options please? Any advice welcome
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