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  1. I've got a hold of my local councilor who has started working on my behalf contacting people. So fingers crossed.
  2. the last time I tried to speak to council about payment plan they told me they would only discuss it if I was making a payment that day. I didn't have money on me then and they also wanted all my work and bank details.
  3. I'm heading out of the door to work I will do it first thing tomorrow morning then. So they can seize cars in Scotland???
  4. I'm working lots of night shifts so I can do all this on Monday. I'm working very long hours nights. Question is -Do I have to reveal my bank details and employment details to the council or Stirling Park?? And the other question that's important because I live in a very rural area and have to travel far to work. CAn they seize my car if its still under finance and worth less than what I owe?
  5. South Lanarkshire Council who don't have the best reputations. the council tax is over several years when my wife was terminally ill and the three years since she died
  6. Hi, I have a letter delivered through letterbox by sheriff officers. I have c/tax arrears close to 5k during period wife was terminally ill. The letter is a CHARGE FOR PAYMENT OF MONEY from Stirling park. After wife passed away 3 years ago it has taken me that time to earn almost a full-time income at the minimum hourly rate. I also have a part-time self-employed income. My mortgage was in high arrears but I have been paying £50 extra to mortgage for the 3 years and paid every month, so arrears coming down. I wrote recently to Stirling Park offering £50 a month with a review in every 6 months as my income increased or not. They wanted me to call them to discuss it. However, I crapped out of that as I had heard stories of how you have to tell them where you work, bank details etc and how folk had wages arrested. I really do want to pay this debt off, however, my house has negative equity due to the slump since 2008. if they have my bank details and arrest my wages. I miss the mortgage and they will seize the house. They have been absolute unfair with me. How can I get a deal with them without giving my bank and employer etc? Also, I have a car on finance through a high-interest company so the remainder of the balance is higher than car value but I need it to get to work. Can they seize my car or items on finance? My payment record with mortgage and car over last 2 years is good with all months paid to show I can pay with an arrangement I can afford. Anyone got accurate advice on this. If I lose car-I'm screwed. If the house is repossessed I lose thousands, increasing my debt. I have absolutely no equity whatsoever. All the furniture in my house is a wreck. To make matters worse. The job I am in would sack me if I had an arrestment. It's a job of trust I have served well. Not dealing with money but a job of trust all the same.
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