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  1. Hi I'm not totally tech savvy and the website link you sent was interesting, i never knew it existed. I guess you dont until you have a problem. The link you sent and this showed items one in 2013 and one in August 2017. The 2013 provider sent a mail and i changed my details at that time. The August 2017 was 4 months after I left BT so if there were any warning emails i wouldnt have got them. I guess a passowrd change every x weeks is the only way or using something like fingerprint passwords for everything to keep safe in the future? Still seems unfair, the hack
  2. My broadband and email address were with BT. Just got this reply from them. Your email account remained active with our email supplier following your closure of your BT account in May 2017. All BT email accounts are deactivated on our system 60 days after the broadband account is closed down if an order isn’t placed for premium mail. Although your email account had been deactivated within our database which stopped any access via www bt.com / email there was a backlog in the deletions from the server. Even though your email address was shut within BT’s database as you were
  3. Hi my broadband account was with BT, they say they do disable/delete accounts when you leave, or if you want to keep the accounts you have to pay to keep them live. They have confirmed that they deleted the email account on the 17th December - the day i reported the security breach!! The reason someone knew my login ID was that these details are contained on the monthly statements going to the "closed" email address. They literally only needed to reset the password!
  4. Hi I guess my hope from posting this thread is to find out what, if anything, you would do in my circumstances.... I swtiched broadband/phone providers in May 2017. I realised i would lose my 10 year old email address but was ok with this and went about trying to change all online account details which used the old address before the termination date. Then largely forgot about the old account. In December this year my airline loyalty account was hacked. After speaking to the airline they told me that the hacker had entered in my ID number and then used the forgotten password
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