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  1. Hi I appreciate your comments but they avoid my questions.... I can answer yours though.. The office address is an accountants, small and only listed as the LTD postage address. The place of works established 8-10 years ago, 2mill turn over, dozen employees, lots of machinery and stock. I know where i'd visit to get assets. You ??
  2. Hi Guys..My first post and i need some advice please... I've attained judgement, elevated to High Court and entered agreement with The Sheriffs. The HCEO called at the LTD companies address to collect payment, although i instructed them to go to the actual place where the work was/is carried out and where i have viewed lots of assets. They then called at the "asset address" some two weeks late, giving the defendant plenty of time to move/relocate/hide/change ownership of the assets. Not much of a surprise that there were no assets at the second address.... Where sh
  3. Hi I've been going through almost identical issue... Today i found out that the MCOL system will not allow a judgement online against a 2nd defendant if the other is communicating with them. HOWEVER......print off form N225 and fill it in to attain a judgement from MCOL!! Ha !! ( and send it to MCOL in Northampton ) Be careful to fill itb in correctly including interest from the date of ISSUE....
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