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  1. Hi i have sent a few emails requesting my belongings and a default notice that i have never received either told them that i am not refusing to give the keys but they are refusing to give me my belongings back which is theft i gave them a deadline and have not responded back i have sought legal advice and not being issued a default notice is against the law
  2. Hi it was outside my sisters house Honda civic 12 plate 2.2 deisel idtec
  3. They said 2865 pounds but have put charges on this the is worth around 6000 i still was not given a dn though
  4. Hi i was just sofa surfing until i got back on my feet and i never got a dn from them and i couldnt afford royal mail rederection at the time car was laid up as well
  5. No as i was of no fixed abode But my previous address was giving me my mail
  6. Yes took a loan out and yes missed a few payments paid a payment in october i moved address well was no fixed abode for a few months and then they wouldnt help what so ever took car without letting me know
  7. Hi please can some advice me on a log book loan they have taken my car no warning and belongings and are demanding keys thesr people are awful to deal with
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