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  1. Hey there guys.....


    I hope im posting in the right place and that maybe somebody can help me, im kinda going out my mind now.


    I wont bore you with a full history but i will sumarize briefly,


    January 2017 my wife and I where taken to court for non payment of council tax,

    we was given a liability order and it was passed on to rundles enforcement agency for collection of payment.

    We made a payment agreement with them but due to being made homeless and a situation beyond out control we never kept up with the payment.


    In November 2017 rundles made contact again by sending us a "PRIOR NOTICE OF INTENDED PROCEEDINGS" letter,

    we made contact and agreed to a weekly payment plan,

    we made the first 3 weeks payments.


    On December 18th we called them and asked if we could defer payment for 2 weeks as i was receiving no wages and start payment again on the 4th January, they told us we couldn't and it was tough luck.


    Unfortunately we couldn't make the 2 payments like we told them but did do as we promised and made a payment last Thursday 4th january.

    The day after my wife and I received a text from rundles asking us to contact their agent urgently and provided us with a mobile number for him,


    we called immediately

    he advised he was on annual leave until today (8th January) and to call back then.

    We also contacted rundles head office but they would not talk to us as it had been passed to an agent and said we would need to call him monday.


    We called the agent

    he has said that unless we pay the full £426 by tomorrow (9th January) 12:00 he will have to come round and seize goods,

    i advised him we dont have that money upfront but can reinstate the original weekly payment

    he said no,


    we told him that due to being in temporary emergency accommodation we don't have any of our own goods in the property that he could take.

    He has said that if he cant get in or seize goods then we will be getting a commital referral tomorrow,

    something like that,

    he is using a lot of big confusing words and i dont know what to think.


    Can anyone advise what my next steps should be

    how to handle tomorrow,

    is it possible my wife and I could be arrested tomorrow or is he trying to scare us?


    If i contact my local council tomorrow is there anyway i could get them to stop this and take back debt?


    Any advice at all would be great guys.

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