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  1. Thank you, i'll get on to that right away. I just had a text from Robinson offering me an offer of paying just 75%. "we've got great news for you! Right now you can settle your Robinson Way account by paying just 75% of your outstanding balance" I will of course ignore that but i'm just wondering if those kind of offers will keep coming? I'm also curious as to how aggressive they might become in their attempts to reclaim the debt and what the worst case scenarios are? Would it ever be in my interest to maybe offer payment of £5-10 a month or is that a bad idea?
  2. I believe I have access to all of the statements on the Barclaycard website, I don't have anything on paper unfortunately. The letter sent by Hoist shows a default of 8124, the total limit on the card was 8000 so it seems not too much has been put on top of the debt. For my part I don't dispute the debt at all, completely my fault for this situation.
  3. The letter from Hoist does say Notice of Assignment. I'm not sure exactly where to look for my credit file owner, any help with that would be appreciated.
  4. Yes, same address. Nothing entitled Letter of Claim. All letters from Barclays specifically have been about passing my account to different collectors. It's been passed to about 3 in total now.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did receive a letter from Barclays saying my debt was now with a new company. Should I just continue to ignore as I have been?
  6. Hi, i'm just hoping for some advice. I defaulted on my barclaycard for the amount of 8000 in late 2018, since then i've pretty much buried my head in the sand and ignored everything. My debts been passed to a few different agencies and now i'm getting text messages from Robinson Way telling me my account is now active and to "please register". I'm just wondering what my plan of action should be or if i should just continue ignoring everything?
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