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  1. Coolio - Sorry guys I will just ignore the mail from now on lol. Thank you for your help guys )
  2. Hi guys, I have yet to receive an officially repsonse back from X4L after the email which i sent. Today, I received an email not from Harland but from a company called CRS, debt collection service. I don't know how to attach an image - it's asking me for a weblink. It states the following: We've been employed by Xercise 4 Less as your membership in arrears. As a result of this, our fees totaling #66.50 have been added. Therefore, your account balance now stands at #212.42. .... Yours sincerely For Credit Resolution Services Nick Bright Depty Colle
  3. Hi, Can you provide me with a link or software that I need to bounce back their email please? I have tried to download block sender - under chrome addon, I'm not having any luck with that addon.
  4. Exercise for Less have not responded back with my previous email. However, this morning, i got an email from Harland stating the following: We refer to our previous letter and note that you have not contacted us. You have now incurred a further £ 25.00 charge and are £ 73.98 in arrears. Under your Membership Agreement, you have promised to pay this debt. If you continue to refuse to honour that commitment, we will have no option but to take further steps to collect the outstanding balance. We want to help you resolve this situation but you must call us. Ignoring our let
  5. This was from X4Less Membership Enquiries Head Office Head Office Xercise 4 Less Unit 1, Kirkstall Industrial Estate Kirkstall Road Leeds LS4 2AZ Via email.
  6. quick update; they have replied with the following via email: Good morning, Thank you for your email Unfortunately we will be unable to remove the charges applied as you have agreed to the terms and conditions of your membership in which advises you that if a payment is missed, you may incur an administration charge of £25.00. Kind regards, ---------- What is the best way to proceed from here?
  7. Thank you - I have sent them an email and I will keep you all posted, on the progress.
  8. Hi Slick, Please, can you proceed with the letter template? It's worth me trying this route if it fails, then to get my Mother to pay.
  9. Hi, I spoke to E4L representative and they have suggested either way if we stay or leave we will have to pay £25. They have said if you stay - You will have to pay £25 on top your entire contract over £100 or £25 admin fee and missed payment £11.99. I want to know - if we decide to cancel the DD, where do we stand and what do (Harland) have authority to do?
  10. Hi, I am planning to contact them this afternoon. In the meantime, i have received an email from Harland replying back to an email which I sent a week ago. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We thank you for your email. The charges that have recently been applied to your account have been done so in line with your membership Terms and Conditions. The amount of this charge is representative of the cost of the administration relating to your payment being returne
  11. Will do - Thanks a lot of guys for your priceless advice.
  12. Thank you guys for your detailed response. If my mother wanted to stay with E4L will she still need to pay the fine? If she rejoined would it be a new or an old contract? Seem like she still wants to use the gym as it was canceled accidentally. Is there anyway we can keep the DD without paying the admin fee?
  13. I am in urgently, need your help and advice guys. Me and my mother signed up to E4L around July last year which we have been using fine for past four months. my father noticed a strange direct debit leaving their joint account, which he didn't recognised so he cancelled it. This we later found out to be from Harland or E4L, £11.99. He cancelled this direct debit via bank and then mother got an email from them, stating the account is now in default. A £25 admin fee has been added alongside the month where the monthly payment has not been released. Additionally, my mo
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