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  1. Thanks for your advice. I haven't asked them where the money is yet, I will next time I speak to them. They haven't dismissed me because they don't have enough staff, a lot have walked out on them recently. I can find work locally for the same pay and that is what I am looking for now. I just wondered if they had done anything out of turn, but seeing as they haven't it is best if I just hand in my resignation.
  2. I work as a security guard on a site for £7.50 per hour and I have been there for just over five months. I work alone on a permanent night pattern of four on four off, twelve hour shifts. There is only me on the site and when I am off the other guard works. My elderly mother is going in to hospital for an operation, and I need a week off to look after her when she comes out. I emailed my manager to explain this, when he emailed me back he said he needed a copy of my mothers hospital operation letter, so that it can be kept on file. Is it right that he can ask for this as it is my mother private letter? I sent a photocopy of the letter by email, but I am now wondering if this was an intrusion on my mothers privacy? I got an email soon after saying that he has granted those days off for me, but because I asked for that time off, another guard will be doing my shifts on that site for a month, and they were sending me to another site for the month. This site was an hour from my home, where as my normal site is only 15 minutes from my home. It is for eight hours instead of twelve and the pay is still £7.50. When the other guard had a week off I had to work all eight of their shifts and they were not moved to another site. I rang the manager and said this he said the site I work on is not my site and I work where I am told. I then said I am sorry but I will not be working that other site for low pay. He said he will discuss this with his team and get back to me. I haven't heard off him and will ring him after the weekend. This company have not provided me a contract to sign, if I decided to leave, do I legally need to provide any notice to stop my pay getting deducted? Will I be entitled for any unpaid leave if I resign? Every time I get my monthly pay, they short change me by the pence. if it says on my payslip £1000.89, I will get paid £1000.00 and not the 89. Is there anything I can do about this? I worked over Christmas and new years and I got no bonus, just £7.50 per hour, they did provide a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine, but that was it. I am not in a union and any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
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