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  1. Hi Kiwigel, I am just wondering if you have gone ahead with filing for BK and if so did you file in the UK and include your NZ loan, or did you just file in NZ? I have debts that I can not clear here in the UK and no assets so have been advised to file for BK, but have been informed that I need to include all debts including my NZ student loan. I contacted insolvency NZ, who told me they are unsure if a UK BK will be accepted by NZ, meaning I may have to file a separate bk in NZ to cear my NZ student loan (so, file for BK in both countries). Why they are unsure I don't know, given all the postings on the internet about overseas kiwis filing for BK to get out of NZ student loans surely Im not their first case of this nature?
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