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  1. [email protected] Having sought advice from CA, I have agreed a payment plan with them, it will take over 15 years to pay, the stress of it all has been lifted. Whilst I would like continue and further challenge the money grabbers, I just don't have the health to do so. I would like to thank you Andy and DX so much for the time you have given me and the advice you supplied. This site is a valuable source of information. Contribution made. I will look at reclaiming charges of interest etc once I re-apply for my SAR so I will be back here.
  2. Well recieved this in the post yesterday/ I have removed personal information Any advise please 1: I have written to Looyds offering a full and final settlement ( they have not responded ) 2: I have completed the N181 form whereas Lowells completed the N180 form. Not sure how to move forward with this a: resend my full and final offer letter( which I will need help with in relation to the terminology to be used ) b: Request a mediator through the court( not sure if I can do this or contact a debt plan organisation to arrange payments to them c: sit and wait to see what they do? Any advise out there will be gratefully appreciated court letter 13 July.pdf
  3. Thanks Andy, well all forms sent and request for a copy of their defense also.
  4. Reading posts ! do I need to submit a defense? noticed on the N181 form that Lowells have submitted their defense but I did not receive? Panic if I do as I have nothing prepared in the terms of my witness statement and a very weak one when I start preparing it..
  5. done a bit of research on the charges Value of your claim Court issued claim Filed viaSDT/MCOL* Greater than £10,000 but no more than £15,000 5% of the value of the claim 4.5% of the value of the claim What is filed via SDT/MCOL please?
  6. Thank you so much Andy for your advice, it is very appreciated.. It shall be registered post for the court in the post tomorrow the N181 form..with the directions I know I need to send the N181 to Lowells ( blanked personal info back page) do i also need to send them the directions? May wait til Monday to send it, want the court to see the error before they do?
  7. If I lose in fast track I pay the costs? Is that correct? how costly tho? Cost of case was point 6 in draft direction would this tell me? Does the cost for the case go onto debt or is it a payment directly to the court? Or do they submit the wrong form on purpose?? Sorry another question requiring your expert advice Andy and of course a bit of help. In the N181 questionnaire section 1 it asks" set out any other information you consider will help the judge to manage the claim." Would it be an idea for me to mention the claimants N180 form and how I have complied with the court documentation N181, and by the claimant submitting the wrong form they are putting me at a disadvantage etc? Will need help with terminology/ putting a consider forward to the judge. If this is an option for me?
  8. they completed the directions questionnaire for small claim track. N180 hence my confusion. I with your aid completed the Fast Track questionnaire.. Should I ring the court and state my confusion?
  9. thanks Andy: 1: the claim to be fast tracked? Lowells have not completed the same form as me as they have stated small claims? 6: costs in the case, would that be for me to pay. Sorry if silly questions and thank you so much
  10. Hi Andy C: yes they send the pre action protocal letter and I sent the CPR request ? Will that still be a yes? I have completed the form on the computer, yes it does look alot better thank you
  11. Hi I have attached my N181 form, i marked out personal details ( don't have the facilitate to blank out sorry) I have left the last page free as I will fill this in once I have gotten a copy for Lowells without my personal details Thanks in advance Questionnaire Fast Track.pdf
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