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  1. I agree to a point but ok I will send a CCA to get the relevant information and post it once received.
  2. I had a subject access request from Lowell. I'll have to get another as I shredded the last. The thing was huge. Once I get that I'll post relevant info and see what you think.
  3. By time frame I mean so I don't get defaulted. So what are you saying ultimately is once a debt is defaulted even paying a bare minimum is acceptable as nothing will change the current status
  4. Well they had a copy of the agreements? It's within a time frame to have to pay them..I thought that's right?
  5. Due to me getting all information they held on me and supplying proof that I did in fact owe them..
  6. Lowell hold a few that I'm paying off gradually that's it to be honest. Nothing massive but showing on my file Just was curious if it helps your report. I guess one benefit is you pay less in the long term...
  7. With regards to offering companies these. Can I ask though is full and final a good way to deal with your debt outstanding. An example. I owe DCA united £100 I offer a settlement figure of £46 They accept the offer. Does it help your credit report/score or not? Or can you ask that the creditor mark the payment as settled or satisfied whatever the terminology is.. I ask as I've read a few threads with people and there success, beyond a positive mindset what are the benefits of making a larger payment rather than just cl
  8. This has been paid. The company has informed the courts, also got confirmation from them that payment was made and that they would inform them. Contacted Northampton and they have received the confirm. How long should this take to disappear from my report??
  9. Thanks for all the replies. After talking to Northampton it seems it was payment assist. The original payment left was £88 the rest is literally fees The situation is now I will clear the balance and payment assist will send me confirmation of payment and will inform the court it's paid Lesson here is always update your address as it's highly likely I would of fought this claim. Due to me being non responsive it went into default judgement which was the ccj. I'll not make this mistake again anytime soon Thanks
  10. Great as I'm paid on the 28th so I'll clear it. With regards to the proof being sent to court. What's the quickest way to do this. Obviously it needs to be in and clear to rid the ccj Sorry so many questions..
  11. Well the claim has been issued. Won't the court at least be able to tell me who to pay etc and specifics...that and well rather no bailiffs knocking A month from now isn't long, if payment assist got that crap through the court then contesting it is meaningless. Just rather not have my file damaged by £294 for the amount and the time it's taken trying to keep it sound it's not worth it.
  12. I've just checked creditkarma, totally money and Equifax, none have anything relating to the creditor just it was issued at etc..
  13. Currently the balance stands at £294 apparently. Can anyone confirm if this is paid one month from now which is the 6th of December and proof sent to the court it'll be removed? Does the court send this info promptly or does it take an age to get information from them?
  14. Morning. I've just checked my credit score to find a ccj has been entered through Northampton county court business centre. Logged apparently at my old address for which I've not lived since last December Seems it's gone through to conclusion so can't respond etc. More than likely payment assist who I posted a while back and their outrageous fees. So I have mailed Northampton county court for information. Unique situation how do I proceed exactly. Obviously if it's paid within one month it'll be cleared but ideally I need docume
  15. Wasn't quite sure where to plant this! few months ago I missed a payment to payment assist. I emailed the other day to confirm I will make the payment at the end of September. I am however refusing to pay the extra charges they have added. Now do not get me wrong maybe a £20 penalty I understand but these.. The original missed payment is 88.31 These other charges I have said you are more than welcome to take me to court. Below are the "extras" they would like to add. Can I just ask if anyone thinks a letter is w
  16. Morning I've recieved a letter from Lowell regarding an apparent £151 debt from sky Which is weird as I have sky currently all paid etc Had sky back along, all paid etc. Anyway Im not asking Lowell straight away so asked sky for details of the debt to which I was told it's a debt sale which they can not respond to. So am I able to subject access request sky?? Or is that not possible
  17. Thankyou Dx I'll get cracking. Get advantage a thing of the past!!
  18. Hi Currently with advantage finance. I pay £133 monthly. If I wanted to start paying more off monthly but by choice not part of concrete agreement. Will it incur any charges or problems etc is there any loopholes they can use to charge me more for doing so? So I've an outstanding balance of xxxx amount. The £133 is reducing. I want to start clearing it off when I can afford to. That's ok? Thanks in advance
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