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  1. Thankyou Dx I'll get cracking. Get advantage a thing of the past!!
  2. Hi Currently with advantage finance. I pay £133 monthly. If I wanted to start paying more off monthly but by choice not part of concrete agreement. Will it incur any charges or problems etc is there any loopholes they can use to charge me more for doing so? So I've an outstanding balance of xxxx amount. The £133 is reducing. I want to start clearing it off when I can afford to. That's ok? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Been trying to log back in for a while now. Then I realized the whole time Google had saved a different letter in my name!! Anyway just to update the last activity besides restons telling me my claim would fail. Still open to payment options was my defense Your defence was received on 03/04/2018 at 08:01:38 Nothing else has happened do I just leave it floating? Or does it have a resolution? DX I have checked the threads don't know if I've bypassed some info but I couldn't see an answer to what happens if nothing happens. It's been six months besides the letters obviously which I've had three bundles of joy
  4. Evening, ive had documentation from restons, with a digital signature and the passing of the account from vanquis to cabot. Looks like they have their information Restons said i have 14 days to decide to change my defence or come to some kind of payment plan. I am assuming thats where the game ends?!
  5. From Cabot today "We're still processing your request, we have contacted the original lender for the relevant information, as we havent yet been able to provide you with the information you have requested, your credit agreement is unenforceable until we are able to reply to your request. This means we are not permitted to obtain a judgement or decree against you in court" The rest is basically " while we cant take legal action against you we ask you to repay this amount and yu will still recieve calls and letters. offer a payment plan, affecting credit rating etc etc So thats a good thing? unless however vanquis holds it Edited-The cca request, apologies should of put what id asked for
  6. Sounds accurate lol. Ok I'll let it lie. Anything happens I'll return and say
  7. Okay this is my current thought after reading threads. The last entry on Mcol is defence recieved. No aknowledgement. From what i have read i do nothing until Restons decide to proceed or not. 28 days after the defence is recieved if im right. So for the time being i will not contact restons. Can i clarify something, If no CCA from Cabot arrives in that timeframe. Does that make impact to what restons will then attempt to do with regards to pushing further. Their cpr they sent back looks exactly like a few other threads ive read besides the address! Surely all requested documents need to be back before they can proceed?
  8. I read the threads what you asked me to,forgot to post here beforehand,id already looked a dimwit asking what to do! Restons since my defence being filed have responded in a letter, They state in the letter regarding the credit agreement with Vanquis. Noting i would of been sent statements of accounts, i failed to keep up the monthly payment. In brief! The final part says "In view of the information set out in this letter, we do not believe your defence has any real prospect of success and we will therefore recommend to our client that an application be made to strike out the defence and enter a judgement against you for the full amount claimed together with legal fees and costs. Should you wish to avoid these further costs being incurred then we invite you to withdraw your defence by completing the enclosed Form N9A and returning it to this office in 14 days" "Alternatively our client is prepared to consider any reasonable settlement proposals you may wish to put forward to resolve this matter amicably and avoid continuation of this litigation, Please contact this office in the next 14 days if this is of interest to you" They sent me the 31.14, However i still have nothing from Cabot regarding the cca i sent them
  9. oh ok now im with you! original creditor only Right,thanks for your help dx
  10. ahh ok, So just so i clarify in my own mind. Is this correct? Any old debt that has defaulted over a certain amount of time that its fairly certain they will not go to court. Leave it? Any Debt that you are in contract with and defaults, sort that debt out as a priority?
  11. Okay, Wont paying that specific one off help at all with regards to the credit score etc, as in paying debts back? the other two i get as they arent even on there etc
  12. Apologies, Lowell £18 06/03/2018 default Date of Default- 17/04/14
  13. According to noddle as thats all its on, Account start date 15/03/2013 The last actual default date was the 17/04/2014 then been red blobbed ever since.
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