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  1. Yes. They admitted it and handed in their immediate notice
  2. It just says 'staff are recorded on CCTV whilst at work' or something to that effect
  3. If I had told them, we wouldn't have caught the person doing the stealing! But we do tell the staff there is CCTV, so shouldn't that cover us?
  4. I recently had to install a hidden CCTV camera in the staff room, as various things including staff property was going missing. We have managed to catch the culprit, and presented with the evidence they handed in their notice. The trouble is, the other staff have obviously found out about the CCTV and are complaining about being filmed covertly, claiming right to privacy etc. I have responded that I was entitled to film them, as things were going missing, it is in their contracts that CCTV is in use and right to privacy only really applies to areas such as changing rooms etc. Although some staff use the staff room to get changed in, there is no requirement for them to do so, so therefore no right for them to expect privacy. What are others' opinions on this - have I done anything wrong, what can I say to the staff to placate them?
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