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  1. i will see what they say so hold fire with the cca for now ?
  2. is there a way to stall them by sending a disist letter for example stating dispute? thanks for you help ... also I want proof of everything in writing fro,m vanquis...been bitten before not getting the right paperwork.....
  3. thats the thing, there has never been a default on my CF at all . I literally cannot remember making any payments. Vanquis messed me around and it was eventually agreed at £2 a month (times were hard friends were few)..... however its since gone into the abyss and now arrow are telling me the agreement has ended. Thats why i think i need the SAR as i need to see if Vanquis ever defaulted the debt before it went to arrow... surely they would have done before it was sold on ? so confused. I will send CCA request to Arrow. I used resolver because it means i have a record of all contact etc . I forget so much and lose track with things...... used them a few times and got results so for me they have been ok......
  4. hi all. How far have you got with this matter to date? I have also been getting weird statement type things from Arrow (NCO) whoever they are. Now I have a letter saying the agreement is terminated and right at the bottom it says.... please note a default has now been registered on your file......... vanquis has not been on my file for the last couple of years now. I am confused as to what to do. I was thinking a SAR to Vanquis and a CCA to find proof of an original default? It seems odd it has never appeared on my file. the debt is from 2013 and they did the same with me froze the account so It could be paid off. The default claim from Arrow seems odd..... kind of like an 'oh by the way ' comment stuck at the end of the letter...... Any help massively appreciated. I have sent a sar request and cca from vanquis through resolver today thanks thanks
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