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  1. is there a way to stall them by sending a disist letter for example stating dispute? thanks for you help ... also I want proof of everything in writing fro,m vanquis...been bitten before not getting the right paperwork.....
  2. thats the thing, there has never been a default on my CF at all . I literally cannot remember making any payments. Vanquis messed me around and it was eventually agreed at £2 a month (times were hard friends were few)..... however its since gone into the abyss and now arrow are telling me the agreement has ended. Thats why i think i need the SAR as i need to see if Vanquis ever defaulted the debt before it went to arrow... surely they would have done before it was sold on ? so confused. I will send CCA request to Arrow. I used resolver because it means i hav
  3. hi all. How far have you got with this matter to date? I have also been getting weird statement type things from Arrow (NCO) whoever they are. Now I have a letter saying the agreement is terminated and right at the bottom it says.... please note a default has now been registered on your file......... vanquis has not been on my file for the last couple of years now. I am confused as to what to do. I was thinking a SAR to Vanquis and a CCA to find proof of an original default? It seems odd it has never appeared on my file. the debt is from 201
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