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  1. Okay I’ll send the SAR to very on Monday. But will that give me a stronger argument for a settlement offer? Or perhaps even manage to shut them down coming after me?
  2. The balance is around 2,5 but it matches the Very account balance. Although I no longer can access any statements on their site, so it's hard to tell what's what. Thanks a bunch for the advice so far !
  3. I'm sorry but it appears I didn't remember all the details! Attached the letters, let latest one got binned by mistake, but it's a repetition of the February one with the added line of threat of taking further action, such as bringing this to court. Early December I receive a letter from Lowell saying they bought the account. Attached was a Notice of Assignment from Lowell – albeit a very dodgy looking one. Does it look legit? End of December I received and Annual Statement which shows as if Lowell owns my account since July. I checked and my credit file states the same... but is it okay for them to wait 5 months to let me know about the purchase/sale? Jan, Feb, March the same templated letters. ShopDirect-Lowell-2020.pdf
  4. Thanks for this! I'll send a SAR out to Very early next week to see what's happening there. As for the Lowell Notice of Assignment, is there a similar letter template to SAR I could send? Or would the notice of assignment be supplied in the data Very will send after the SAR request? Lowell's latest letter mentions that they "might" issue court proceedings, so I don't know if I should ignore them totally.
  5. No, the actual body of each letter is a generic template. Shop Direct (Very) appears in the header in a table, with the title "Your Outstanding Accounts" and within that it's in the column called "Original Company Name" and a reference number is in the "Lowell Ref" column. This is why I'm questioning this. The terminology and lack of actual paperwork makes it sound a bit dodgy.
  6. So weird, Very is still issuing statements ... I opened it August 2017
  7. I accumulated around £2,5K with Very.co.uk. I paid them regularly. But for some reason the account statement gets generated every 28 days and they take payment a few days after. The issue with this is that the payment date is ever changing. After a few months it was earlier than my payday, so I started to struggle with repayments. I contacted them several times, but they were unable and unwilling to help. And of course after paying late a few times due to the ever-changing date the interest went up like crazy. I received the regular statements till in July I noticed they've registered a default on my file. I didn't receive a notification of this! I contacted them and was told they debt will be handled by some other company that's not yet assigned. So I waited. In November Lowell sent me a letter saying I need to pay them now. I lost my job due to COVID so I put off contacting them for a few months. I received 3-4 letters from Lowell since November stating the same thing. If I login to my Very.co.uk account I can still make payments and access all my info and I'm 'only' in arrears with £1700. My questions are: Should I pay Lowell or Very? Should I ask Lowell to provide me with deed of assignment or anything like that? Should I report Very for not sending me the notice of default? Also, how can I be in default if on the Very account page all seems fine, except for the arrears?
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